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yes you can lead a normal life there is therapy ....self help books...meds and more for help.I cant say for sure which med would work best for you and most do have some side effects but for me Lexapro (anti depressant)worked well and the only side effect I had was slight lightheadedness off and on for the first week.Also colonazepam (generic klonopin) which is a benzodiazepine worked good for me these are usualy given along with an anti depressant depends on your doctor some dont like to prescribe them there is xanax (valium) ativan and others just so many these are the ones that worked very well for me as long as I took them regulary I was pretty much anxiety free but talk to your doctor about different meds he/she can tell you better then me and it can be like trial and error finding the best ones for someone.I would ask about therapy as well

good luck to you
Hi van...anxiety can come and go throughout your life. Some periods of anxiety can be very difficult and when that has happened to me, I've gone to the doctor. I take Xanax when my anxiety is very troubling. I do consider that my life is fairly normal, so there is hope. Perhaps you could benefit from seeing a therapist, but I recommend reading up on self-help for anxiety. You can search the internet for books on anxiety. I've been troubled by anxiety for many years, but I'm now at a point where I can usually comfort myself with deep breathing and I take medication when I need to. Stick with us...you'll figure out how to help yourself too. :)

By the way, Buspar made me feel weird too...perhaps a different anxiety med would be better for you.