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reason i ask is because my pharmacy just switch the generic brands they use... and i am freaking out a little thinking "oh no what if this brand isnt going to work as well as the last one"..( ahh gotta love the anxious mind :rolleyes: ) also they look just a tad different and are a little different in color.. but basically look the same as the old ones.. i cant believe this is gonna be an anxiety trigger for me but i guess i am just gonna have to roll with it untill ppl reply..

anyway they use to use:
mfg: greenstone
dist: greenstone ltd

but now they are using ones from:
mfg: Sandoz
dist: Geneva pharmaceutic

anyones generic xanax from either of these generic Mfg? did you find one worked better then the other if you have used both?

i feel so lame for even posting a topic like this but ya know anxiety makes you think stupid things sometimes..

This may not be helpful at all, but I'll give it a shot.

When I took Xanax I also took the generic, to be honest I don't remember the Mfg. but I can tell you that while I was on it my Pharmacy changed Mfg. three different times.

I kind of freaked out too, I even went so far the first time it happened as to make them show me the bottle that the pills came out of so I could be sure that it was indeed generic Xanax and not something they'd given me by mistake I even made them open the bottle so I could make sure the pills looked the same.
The next two times they changed the Pharmacist told me before hand that they had changed and showed me the bottle and the pills before he filled my prescription.

He was very nice about it, told me that he wasn't making fun of me that he was just trying to ease my anxiety of the new pills.

So, now that I typed all of that...I never noticed any difference at all in any of the generic Xanax that I took...it all worked the same for me.

Hope that helps at least a little.