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Hello all,

I have been suffering some strange symptoms for a few months, and it just now dawned on me that I could have a mild allergy problem.

Let me start out by saying I'm being treated for an arrhythmia and anxiety. I take 25mg beta blocker twice a day, 25 mg zoloft, and .25 Xanax as needed (which is rarely). A symptom that I THOUGHT was anxiety stays constant through all of this, and I am starting to think maybe it isn't all in my head...

I almost constantly feel a tightness in my chest and throat, and I also almost always feel like there is something stuck in my throat. I wake up every morning feeling like I need to gag, and usually do. When I do, and we are probably getting into the "too much gross information" zone, I sometimes throw up and there are mass MASS amounts of mucus. I had to blow my nose 5 or 6 good times after one of these spells. Also, there have been slight traces of blood in my mucus for a few months. I also have dry eyes and feel sinus pressure a great deal.

Allergies? Anxiety? GERD? Annoying combination of all 3?...I have an appointment with an upper GI person in May and was thinking of seeing a doc about getting it checked out soon, just because it's getting uncomfortable and I hate starting my morning off gagging.

I have tried: elevating my bed, taking Prilosec, getting a humidifier.

Thanks for any opinions :)
I don’t know what is going on with doctors nowadays, as soon as you complain of episodes of chest tightness and shortness of breath they quickly diagnose you with anxiety. That happened to me and ended up being addicted to Xanax for 3 whole months when anxiety was not the problem, it was as sneezediva said a severe sinus infection and yes your symptoms sound like you are having sinuses issues; postnasal drip could be causing all your symptoms.