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ps...for your own peace of mind and for him to prove hes clean...buy a home drug test kit...the suboxone will not show up for opiate abuse,cause it is a very special type of opiate...you need a very expnesive type of test for it...but if the test shows positive for opiate use,hes still usin some type of opiates(heroin,pain pills)..you can get the test over the counter at the larger chain stores....cant specify on this board the names...call around...also,deep down this would be his way of showing trust back to you and should not be defensive about it...get a test kit w/o his knowledge..randomly test him once...make sure he can not contaminate the test,ie add water to it,dilute it,ect..have him urinate in front of you in the container provided by the kit,if he agrees to it....i do randoms at home provided by my girlfriend to show my sobriety...for me its a way of rebuilding trust i broke with her..she saw my lows when i met her in 2001/2002 and have been with her since.....also,some addicts miss the ritual of usin heroin...he should realize with a rational mind,you love him and that you and the suboxone are there to save him before he kills himself or ends up in jail....i beleive that usin both the drugs that it made me mad for awhile and i lost brain cells..they are two different animals...the docs office could test him for other drug uasage also,but the doc could call it quits with him if he is still usin....that would be a bad thing to do,if you are seeing the behaviour patterns return with the drug use...if his pupils are pin point pretty good thats a sign of heroin use...is he prescribed benzos?..for example the use of valium or xanax can make you nod,ect,,,,bupenorphine also does not make you barf.....chef