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Hello all.

I'm 21 years old, 5'10", usually in the range of 220 to 225 lbs, and on the anti depressant zoloft.

I was once like 150-170 lbs two/three years ago but for about a year plus I've been in the low 200s for a little while... I've never had any health problems, I do weight lifting, sometimes sit ups, sometimes a little karate...

My food usually consists of toast with some butter, then at lunch maybe 2 cans of tuna with a table spoon of olive oil, I also eat a lot of spinanch and occasionally drink milk. Dinners can be baked chicken breast, peas, and nice instant mashed potatoes, Uh... I do eat a little too much cheese such as grilled cheese and I've cut back wildly on eggs but I'm cutting back on that, I've begun to start walking as well more but I don't have a lot of stamina. I do smoke a little and drink medium amounts of wine but I had this weight before I ever started wine.

Am I in a serious danger zone due to the weight? I'm also on Xanax for anxiety since life is sometimes dull, I'm not supremely athletic and at times whenever I've done big workouts I get a headache or sometimes palpitations, another form of my anxiety.

Last November I had an EKG/Heart Holter Monitor/Chest scan and they said I was normal due to me having anxiety issues. Point is I know there's always room for improvement, but how hard should I push myself and what weight should I be at? I still seem to be growing, the only part of me you can really tell has some fat on it is my waste since my arms and legs are in good shape, sometimes GREAT shape due to the occasional huge exercise program I do. I'll continue replying to any words you all have for me or advice, thanks.