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Hi djl! :)

I am hanging in there after 3-1/2 months. I'm still trying to find out the cause of this pain that I still have...can't see the next specialist (gastro) until July because of waiting lists. I think a person has to be bleeding or passed out to get in otherwise. I'm still happy I had my hyst. No migraines or cramps since before surgery...the first time in many years...I just wish I could enjoy it. I'm still deciding whether to continue HRT because I don't want to get fat (it makes me constantly hungry), but the hot flashes are very annoying (mostly at night). I wake up, have a hot flash and then realize I have to pee, about three times per night. I'm taking Xanax on occasion too, but it wears off too soon, so I save it for heavy anxiety. I'm still having to take painkillers for the abdominal pain...still can't tell whether it's intestines or bladder because the pain is worse with the pressure of a full bladder or full intestines. At least I know it's not my uterus or ovaries! I wish I could get into the gastro sooner...I don't like being on all these meds...I just want the bad thing fixed, so I can move on with my life! Thanks for asking...I guess I needed to vent a little :)

Congrats on your anniversary..lol...wish I could send you flowers :) How would you say you are doing after one year, compared to before surgery? Thanks again for all your wonderful support...you are one of the people here I really look forward to hearing from.