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Hi, my fiance just asked me to print up a bunch of info on Winstrol b/c he is thinking about taking it. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with it and what affects it can have on your body. I dont understand why he even wants to take it to begin with and right now we are trying to have a baby and I dont want something like that to cause birth defects if it can be passed from him onto the baby. From what I have read so far it is used for "cutting"...I'm sorry but my fiance is not a bodybuilder and he is in good shape so why would he even want to take this stuff! I really dont like the part about serious liver damage...he has been addicted to Xanax as well as some other drugs so he does have an addictive history and my fear is that if he does start taking Winstrol that he will become addicted to this and not stop! Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!