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Actually some benzo, xanax and others can really harm you if you stop ct. Yes I stopped them cold turkey and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I didnt lay around too long I made myself get up and do things. While your w/d you also get a different mind set almost angry that you did this to yourself. No one forced pills down my throught. Angry at the pills you get this high on stopping the pills you feel stronger than you ever have. As you might have read on some of these posts. You need to get that mental mindset otherwise you will just take 1 to stop the w/d's and your right back where you started. I felt like I had the flu really with chills, sweats, leg cramps. Right now she doesnt want to stop and is lying to you about what people are telling her to scare you more so you dont push her to stop cause you thought you almost lost her once. Man the mind of an addict it will tell us anything we want to here as long as its dont stop taking pills. I heard some people went through bad w/d with ultram is that was shes taking or just vics? Vic w/d wont kill you but it sure doesnt feel like a walk in the park and I guess its not supposed to. One day she will wake up like the rest of us have and will see what she has become in a rare moment of clarity and at that point she will ask for help. Until she does you dont have to be a part of her using or her supplier of $. You just have to be strong and live YOUR life finally and have a good time with you granddaughter and hubby! Take a vacation for the weekend just make sure the house if break in proof at this point. Stay strong your doing this for her. Kim
She Was Not On The Ultram As Her Drug Of Choice ,but Happened To Be That Was All She Could Get That Day.shes Pretty Desperate At This Time And Will Take Anything I Think,her Drug Of Choice Is Oxycontin And Vics.my Daughter Had Been In A 5 Day Detox Program From Xanax About 2 Years Ago And Was Going To Na I Was Actually Going With Her To Support Her.she Was The Only Kid Well 21 Year Old There With Her Mother Everytime.i Got To Know The Poeple And Understand More.i Bought Her All The Na Books Was Really Behind Her.she Stayed Clean About 6 Months Then Changed Drugs From Xanax To The Vics And Oxys She Has Also Used Herion,ecstasy Percocets About Anything She Can Get.she Stays Off Xanax Now Because She Says She Knows They Were Bad For Her.??? Her Mind Thinking Is Beyond My Understanding.
She Has Been In Jail So Many Times.always Gets Out.one Nite She Called Me She Had Been On A Herion Binge That Time I Picked Her Up Behind A Bar,dirty,out Of Her Mind,i Was Trying To Talk To Her And Get Her Home And She Said She Wanted To Kill Herself So We Were On A 4 Lane Highway When She Said She Wanted Kill Herself I Thought Ok I Got Her I Was Gona Take Her To Hospital. Well She Jumped Out Of The Moving Car Ran Across 2 Lanes Of Traffic And Was Gone.i Called Hospital And They Said Would Put A Pink Slip Out On Her So Police Would Pick Her Up.the Police Find Her And She Convinced Them I Was Just Out To Get Her And They Would Not Take Her And Admit Her.it Was Unbelievable.they Could See She Was Strung Out.believe Me I Have Been Trying For So Many Years To Fight This,and Everyone Is Right I Have Been Fighting For Her But She Is Not At All.i Have Picked Her Up When She Called Crying That Her Boyfriend Raped Her And Beat Her Next Thing I Know Shes Out The Door Back To Him.there Is A Different Man In Her Life Now That Really Loves Her But I Dont Think He Will Be Able To Stand The Addiction For Long.
But My Daughter Is Always Looking For A Better Guy To Come Along.when A Good One Does She Dont Want Him.she Wants The Bad Boy.i Geuss.
Its A Crazy Tunnel That I Sometimes Seem To Live In With Her.yes I Have Been Thinking Of Getting Away But I Am Worried About Our Home Being Safe While Gone.