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hi jules!!! i can feel how you feel!! i felt exactly like that long enough and fopr a couple of moths comming out of that nightmare...i wish we live close and have a coffe...in my case my mood symtoms i guess started to improve with the doxy.., of course i still have anxiety and some other symtoms that gives anxiety as the skin rash, bone pain. when i think about it i get anxious... so i try not to think!!! very hard though.. xanax , in my case helps, i haven take it it in like a month because i am trying to manage it.. but for me, xanax is the best...also reading...but really, i think keeping strong is the best medicine.. dont let deppression win, as jeanne says, i have also heard valeriana is very good, i have a friend who took it for a few months and was wonderfull to heri whish i knew what to tell you on how to get rid of that..,because i was miserable until 2 months ago... slowly i am feeling better and tring to manage it looking for more work, i have soo many bills to pay..and i am not going to see my shirk anymore since he never believed in lyme and he made me feel worse when i was really bad! he told me i should stat medication right away otherwise i will be put in a crazy hospital soon! i was soo scare when he said that! that i starteed the lexapro and never felt so bad in my life!!si if your shirnk dont believe in you, i agree, dont waste your money and time..you know we are always here for you anytime,, just keep being strong and i promess is going to start going away...a big hug for you!
HI misses WOW.
I am physically alot better tehn last year, so i dont want to jepordise this, i am able to cut grass and do food, but i cant do teh bending over and manouvering liek hoover as i still fall over, i am ok as long as i am upright or bent over but stright down and back up, no sideways reaching.

So i want to try and keep that at this time as its giving me a little relief.

i have upped the st johns wort and have already pearked alittle more today.

I made a decession today to tyy and get help with My nieghbour and im hoping the enviormental agency will call in 3 days and then visit. i cant cope with this all alone. I can do real battle in verse but face to face i am still intimmidated as still not very good.

Anxiety is caused by doxy or it is in my case and its strong, nothing stopped it and i was going crazy.
In the end i tried St Johns Wort and now the anxiety shoots through me a few times a day but not so bad that i have to grab hold of something as I did before. Its very managable now and its natural herbs.

I wish you could come off perscription meds that may only upset your balance and try these natural.

I felt relief the first night, just like i did with teh doxy. if we are hyper sensative to seratonin change and teh Immune system is effected by SSRi's as it is, then anything is possible.

if you do decide to trry you need to do it on a clean system and 1 month off xanax is plenty of time apart, so if you wnated you could try tomorrow.

As Miss WOW says what have you got to loose and its all natural.
if you do try make sure you get (standardisded 0.30%hypericin) that is the quantity in each tab you will need for best results, its 3 aday but i started on 1 and went to 2 -within 1 week and stayed on 2 -for 3 months untill now and im up to- 3.

No side effects, no problems it all seems fine, accept i need to raise my dose, and if this continues to kieep me anxiety free, then i am going to try the liquid you put in water so i can illiminate another tablet from my diet.

Im rambling now LOL
Jules xx