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Hi Hope
Sorry to here what you are going through..I totaly understand.
I had a hyst(everything removed but cervix) 2 years ago due ro Adenomyosis and PCOS at the age of 39.
I was just at my doc last week and suffering from Insulin Resitance, Cholesteral,m middle weight, hair on face, acne and so on. I was told that even though I dont have my Ovaries I am still dealing with PCOS. Shge is giving me 3 months to work on the sugar issue and if it doesnt go down, well I will be back on Metformin. It is miserable. I try to eat healthy but this just sucks.
We are stuck with this PCOS thing. The only thing different is we are no longer getting cysts on the ovaries.
I am also on Crestor for the cholesteral and xanax for anxiety due to the menopause. I am on HRT 0.05mg Estroderm patchg 2x a weekYou need to talk I am here and frustrated too!!!