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Have you known or heard of anyone taking this much? It's my brother, he's a recovering alcohlic, 25 years or so. He's ready to start his slowwwww detox, but wants to do it at home. He's been building up to this amount over 16 yrs. He is very functional which amazes me. Has his own successful painting business, nice home, cars, great kids, etc. He's spending alot of money on doctors and buying them from people he knows who sells them. He read Dr. Ashton's detox plan, and I wonder if it would work for him. I'm a recovering alcoholic as well and mixed Xanax and alcohol. I had a hard time just getting off 3 mg of Xanax a day. I also read about Depakote used for withdrawals on this board but didn't find hardly any info on the web. Thx for ANY and ALL suggestions, advice, etc....kj Oh he's really into his church and his conscience is eating him up and he feel's way too guilty, like he's letting God down.
I'm the lady who was given depakote by my detox facility for 3mg a day Xanax addiction. Since that time, I have also looked for more information on the web about it, and am regularaly shocked to not find much. Perhaps it isn't very well known yet. But there's no reason why a shrink couldn't prescribe it to a patient along with the Xanax to help the person get off. My instinct would be to call my detox facility, Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan Ct and ask for more info - or have the doctor do this. Perhaps facilities more local to you and your brother would also have some information.

I have no idea how depakote works in patients on very high doses of Xanax like your brother. 20-30 mg is certainly a lot.

When I checked into Silver Hill, I was surprised that they didn't taper me at all. It was "Hello, here's some depakote, and no more Xanax for you". Based on my prior experiences with trying to taper, I was prepared for the worst, so it was a major shock to find out how much easier it was on Xanax. I was even able to sleep at night! As I've said before, I felt like a had the flu, but more of a mild flu. After 3 days, it just switched over to mild nausea, which lasted about 3 weeks. And in weeks 3-6, I felt OK, but a little weird. After week 6, I was pretty much back to my old self. They kept me on depakote for 6 weeks total.

What I was so thankful for, was the depakote kept me from feeling like I was going to combust at the seams. I suppose that's related to it being an anti-seizure medecine.

Perhaps it isn't highly publicized if it is still in relatively new use in detox clinics. I don't really know. I wish I had asked more about it when I was there.

Good luck! I just hate seeing people struggle through the "Ashton" taper when there is an alternative to try before going through the Ashton method.
My son tapered off Xanax WITH Xanax. His doctor put him on a taper for 2 weeks...and it worked.........he needs to get help from a doctor. Xanax withdrawal is dangerous.........seizures and other effects could kill him.
I was taking around 6-12mg of Xanax a day... I couldn't taper with just Xanax, I had to switch to Valium and taper from there.. Once I switched to Valium, I immediately started tapering... and eventually after a few weeks I was successful.

Xanax is really really powerfull.

Good luck with everything, take it slow.
he will have to reduce his ativan and xanax first before crossing over to anything, especially valium. 1mg of ativan or xanax is equal to 10mgs valium and no doctor will prescribe 200-300mgs of valium a day.

i am 5 months benzo free after completing the ashton taper off 3-4mgs ativan daily using 30mgs valium. it took me 5 months and went very smoothly.