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I appreciate your compassion for my situation.
AA is probably an excellent suggestion although my therapist has recommended and divorce support group which takes place relatively close to my home.

I think I feel I can stay away from alcohol just from this past experience without assistance. I don't even want to think about it right now. If I can get out of the depression, get back to work and begin working out at the gym again, while getting therapy for the divorce I may be able to pull out of it. That is what runs around in my mind all day. Once I return to work, am I going to be able to pull the stresses of work, and get back to the gym so I can at least feel in control of my body. The medication is really sucking me of the energy I do have, although I did get past this point three weeks ago.

I have a refill of xanax today and when I woke up, all I could think about was showering, shaving, fixing my hair and dressing in the nicest clothes I have and taking the whole bottle and going to sleep. I just feel dead inside right now like there is no fight left in me.

I have been included in going to the beach with my in-laws so I can be with my kids this weekend, but it will be uncomfortable...and I won't be able to take my baths and eat the way I really need to with this medication.

I know I felt strong two weeks ago before the drinking. I try not to re-think my situation and how unfair it is. I try not to keep coming back to thinking about how my wife has really reached into the past to justify her actions.
I can't help but think after six months to a year she will realize how wrong she really was for doing this. If I can make it that long, I don't think I could give her my trust again.

I continue to go around in circles. I want a way out so I don't have to live the kind of life she is forcing on me, but I find myself stuck because there is no way my little boy could live without me.

I have a counseling appt tomorrow and I can discuss some of these things with her, but I hate living like this. I hate being told not to think about yesterday or tomorrow.