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Hi. I am fine.Haven't seen son in 2 weeks. He lost his job from what I hear. Heard today he's back on the xanax. Friend he worked with told me. Said he's worried about him. I said, don't be. he made the choice to go back with ex girlfriend who is nothing but trouble. Now he's back where he started 3 months ago. I've done all I know to do. All he has to do is wlk through the front door and he has a roof over his head, parents that love him, food to eat and clean clothes. But he doesn't want that. that's all I have to give. If it's not enough, I can't help it. Today has been a tough day for me. Found out this morning by beloved lab, Bo, has heartworms...and I have to get him treated and it's very hard on animals....so I am concentrating on him. Son, is on the backburner for once. I know that sounds terrible, but Bo wants my help and loves me no matter what. Son needs to grow up and take responsibility. Maybe he likes to live the way he's living. things may never hcange for him.....it's all up to him now....guess I'm getting hardened.......bout time, huh? thanks for writing and thinking about me..........how are you and yours. Update me!!!! Need some good news!!!:)

PS...Just got a call from his worker friend. Wanted to know if I had seen my son. I said no. He said his girlfriend just called him and was crying, said he left in her car 5 hours ago and she hasn't seen him. I said oh well. She wanted him and now she has him. He doesn't even have a drivers license....what's she doing letting him drive her car anyway?????? Real smart as usual......