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Sorry if this is a little late, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents...

If the only reason you are considering taking an antidepressant is because of your anxiety over your upcoming surgery, I wouldn't go that route. Antidepressants can have many unwanted side effects, particularly in the first few weeks of taking them. I think it would cause more problems than solutions.

If you need some temporary help to calm you down because you are freaking out, I would ask for antianxiety medication like Xanax, Valium or something of that nature. They can be taken as needed, so when you are really overwhelmed, you can take a small dose and you'll be calmer. I take Xanax as needed for anxiety and it works great. Also, since I only take it once in awhile, it hasn't affected my weight at all.

My surgery was in January. It was painful, but my doctor made sure I had enough pain medication, so it was never unbearable. I did have to ask for refills, but that wasn't a problem. Be sure to take measures to counteract the constipation the medication can cause, like extra liquid, stool softeners and exercise (walking), and try to stop taking them as soon as you feel you can handle it.

Good luck :)