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Hi all,

I have been suffering from some really wierd problems for years now and most recently I have been getting to the point where I feel I cannot deal with it anymore. I desperately need to know what is the cause of my problems so I can finally look for a treatment which might bring me some relief.

Since I was very young I suffered from extreme worry and anxiety about seemingly unimportant issues. At the age of 12 I fractured one of my lower back vertebrae. At age 14-15 I had constant urge incontinence which I thought were bladder infections (feeling that I needed to urinate all of the time, often without actually having much urine to void). At 17 I got extreme panic attacks and anxiety and could not leave the house for months. This anxiety was unsuccessfully treated with Aropax and then eventually successfully with Zoloft, Xanax and Stemzine (for corrresponding nausea). At age 19 I became pregnant and had a son who is now four. Immediately after giving birth, for a number of weeks I felt extremely dizzy and lightheaded. No reason for this was found. Within two months of giving birth I got extreme insomnia and soon after a severe flu where I could not eat or even stand up for 2 weeks. At this point I was put on another antidepressant. Since my son's birth I have been becoming more and more tired. Doctors cannot work out why. I have had all of the tests for iron, thyroid etc. and most are negative. Once I was found to be lacking B 12 but that problem was ameliorated, and occassionally I will get a result saying my body's proteins are breaking down. But other times this will also be negative. Since I was young I have had IBS symptoms, the main one being diarrhea in the mornings. Once I wake I go to the toilet in the morning up to 6-7 times, but in extreme circumstances it continues all day.

In the last 6-12 months things have gone downhill fast. Things started with the breakdown of my relationship with my son's father. Within 6 months after this occurred I started getting extreme urge incontinence again. I found I did not like to leave the house because I needed to be near a toilet, just in case. I went to a uroligist/gynaecologist and had tests including flexible cystoscopy which all showed nothing. This urge incontinence corresponded with worsening diarrhea. About four months ago I started getting dizzy all of the time. It came on suddenly one day when I got such extreme vertigo I had to lie down and could not move. Since then it comes on and off, but I am dizzy most days at least mildly. Periods and headaches seem to worsen the dizziness. I skip periods now because I get so dizzy and have on eperiod every three months approximately. I am no longer able to drive safely and doctors cannot find a reason why I am dizzy. My blood pressure is a little low but apparently not low enough to cause dizziness. Serc for Merieres Disease made no difference and Stemetil for dizziness causes me drowsiness so I can only take it at night with little effect. I quit smoking about 2 months ago and my diarrhea has been getting worse and worse. I have always had extreme mood swings. So finally I started seeing a GP/naturopath and a herbalist/iridolodist. They did a hair mineral analysis and

They put me on:
Nilstat Capsules - treat possible yeast infection in stomach and body
MolyZinc - containing Molybdenum and Zinc
Vitamin C - 1000mg a day
B complex vitamin - contains B6 and B12
Inner Health Plus - containing acidophilus and Bifidobacterium.

This made little difference but I did find that my adult acne started to clear up. It was thought that I had food intolerances so I was put on a gluten and casein free diet with metamucil to cleanse my liver. Since undertaking this diet things have gone from bad to worse. I suddenly started getting extremely bad diarrhea, have lost 4 kilos in 2 weeks, and got even more tired and dizzy. Since starting the diet I also have symptoms of a stomach ulcer, with extreme upper stomach burning which is worst in the morning, extreme nausea. The diet has not seemed to have any positive impact on my digestive system, except my moods have seemed to level out a bit.

A couple of days ago I started Glutamine - 1000mg per day and Calcium and Magnesium with Vitamin D3 capsule. The doctor also prescribed me Pariet which is a proton pump inhibitor to see if it helps.

So basically my main symptoms are:
Mild headaches most days
Dizzyness- worse if visually focussing eg reading or when tired/headache
Urge Incontinence
IBS type symptoms - bloating/flatulence/diarrhea/nausea/stomach pain
Back and Neck Pain
Sore Throat
Stomach Ulcer symptoms

Please I want to know what is wrong with me. Anyone who has any advice would be great. Next week the doctors want to put me back onto an anti-depressant but I really want to treat the problem so I can start living. I don't really leave the house anymore. I don't feel like I can. I can't socialise and get very depressed when I think about the problems I am having.