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I also take Xanax and I take serzone I to suffer from anxiety plus depression.All I can do is tell you my experience and some may not agree that I have stayed on it but my doctor felt it was best.I had my dd taking them and she is fine but believe me I freaked out about it.So far this one seems ok and I am almost 25 weeks.The only thing that calmed me down when I was pg with my first was someone who replied to me when I was worried about the meds and said she had 3 healthy babies on xanax and she took more then me in a day.With this one I still worry but I try not to worry myself to death I have trust in god that she will be ok.But of course call an on call doctor see what they say these meds if you do have to go off you have to do it slowly please don't stop cold turkey I have tried and it is hard on the body.There are other safer meds out there but in the end it is your call what you want to do.Please keep me informed on what happens I know how you feel I am not a pill pusher in any way but it's alot better then having anxiety attacks all the time the baby feels it.Good luck;)
Is there a possibility of just going to a different doctor? I'm not clear if you are calling your OB or your general family physician (the one who's not responding), but what about calling another doctor in the community? Or maybe you could travel to another nearby town?

Paxil has been changed from a class C drug to a class D drug here in the US, meaning that it shouldn't be taken during pregnancy due to an increased risk of heart defects if taken during the first trimester. Of course, that risk is only risked to a 1.5% chance...

Xanax is also a class D drug. I don't see specific info on the drug mfgr's website, but it does say that during the first trimester you should not take this drug because it can cause congenital deformities.

Topamax is a class C drug, meaning that it might be harmful to the fetus. Usually this means that in rats that are given higher-than-normal doses of the drug there are some abnormalities.
All I can say is maybe I'm to relaxed to be on the board but I have known alot of people who have had to take medication me being one.I know what classes my meds are and yes xanax is class d serzone c.My doctor and I sat down and talked about all of this in know way was I hasty and not care about being on them.The reports they do with rats keep in mind thay give them twice or more the normal dose a human gets.My doctor has told me and this is my ob and family doctor that generally it does not cause birth defects could case withdrawl symptoms when the baby is born and I'm not saying that is ok.But you need to relax you are going to read a million different opinions and alot are not going to agree with the meds.Your doctor is not a miracle worker he doesn't know the outcome of what could happen for sure but I would trust in what they say I did and my dd is fine so far the second one is ok from my ultrasounds no heart problems.And that is were the positves out weighed the negatives it was either have attacks like crazy and I know how that feels it takes someone who has went through it to undestand and know how you feel or stay on my meds.And yes I tried to go off my attacks were bad I couldn't even function.I know how you feel I felt like this with dd worried all the time it is horrible.I just go back to the olden days when people didn't worry about dressing's they ate and foods and bug sprays dying your hair self tanning lotions.Honestly put your trust in god and your doctors they know what there doing.I take .25mg 4 times a day so .25mg 1 time a day is not bad.I knew a women who had to take 1mg 4 times a day of xanax all the kids are fine.I hope this helps you I'm sure your baby will be fine just try to relax and keep the anxiety attacks down if you need your meds it's ok;) If you can take less of the zanax then yes that is better but do what works for you and can keep your attacks under control.

Don't Know If This Will Help Or Not But My Psychiatrist Had Said To Switch From Paxil To Prozac (which Has Been Proven Almost 100% Completely Safe In Pregnancy) In The Lowest Possible Effective Dose And Changing Over To The Xanax In An Extended Release Form So That The Baby Would Not Get The Higher Surges Of The Med Every 4-6 Hours. Even Then, He Said High Doses Of Xanax Like 6-10mg Have Very Small Chances Of Increasing Cleft Palate In Newborns Which By Far Is Not Fatal Or Major. I Tried To Wean Off Prozac, Wellbutrin Xl And Xanax Right After I Found Out I Was Pregnant. Big Mistake!!! And I Have Three Other Boys To Take Care Of. This Is Why They Call This A "calculated Risk" And Not Only That, It Has Now Been Proven That Anxiety Symptoms Do Not Go Away In Pregnancy That There Is In Fact No Safe Haven Of Hormones That Protect You. How About That? Get More Info, Make The Decision And Then Relax.
bondgrll you are so right anxiety does not just go away in pregnancy.I was really good with dd still stayed on my meds.This one I'm not bad but my depression and anxiety at times is alot worse then when I'm not pg.I feel my child will be ok sometimes we try to go off the meds and it's just not in our best intrust.Like I said my dd is fine and I took xanax so still praying for healthy one this time.The way I see it there are women who take nothing eat well and can have problems.It's all up to god.Good luck to you :wave:
soo sad it's good you could get away with only 2 xanax but don't be hard on yourself if you need more.Your anxiety for one is probably worse due to increasing hormones I know mine was and some withdraws from the other ones.God has his plans for us and he wanted you to have this one.I don't know about you or how severe your anxiety is but since having dd it has helped me alot to just push myself and know I need to do things for her.Mine is pretty under control with my meds I don't really have full blown attacks but some days I can feel one and my medicine will kick in and take it away.But there are days or even weeks were I feel anxiety ridden.Not fun it kind of controls your life and what you feel you can and can't do but one thing it will not do is control me I push myself and then I feel better.Good luck to you :wave: