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Hi...I have some questions on Zoloft and could use some feedback. I have been on Zoloft for awhile now...maybe a year or two. I was going through a very stressful time and was put on it to help with my edginess, depression and over whelming factor of just plain stress and unhappiness. Some of my circimstances have not changed. I went for some help in the therapy area for the mental part and I can honestly say now that I feel pretty good, about myself and life in general. But my question is, depending on the correct reason I was put on Zoloft, would I need to remain on it? And what would constitute me having to stay on it? Also, are there any long term side effects with Zoloft? I recently tried stopping the medicine, but I do not like the effect and feelings a person gets when trying to stop taking it. For instance, every once in awhile I may feel a little dizzy or my head will feel a little foggy in my thinking. I know I went through some physical changes when I first started on the anti-depressants, but will I have the same physical problems coming off? I know Zoloft does not have the addiction factors that Xanax, valium or any other tranquilizer would have. But I am just curious. I've talked to my doctor about it but I am not sure I have gotten satisfactory answers to my questions. I'd appreciate any feedback anyone might have. Thanks.