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I've stopped taking Lyrica (day 5 now) for facial shingles. I was on 300 mg daily. It kept me 'zonked' and feeling sleepy. Now, I can't go to sleep. Last night it was 4:00 a.m. this morning before I finally went to sleep. Also, due to the pain and itching I've been thru the last 8 weeks, I was taking Ambien to help sleep some nights and then Xanax to help get thru the day with the pain! I've stopped all of that. Could that be causing my symptoms? Also, my mood swings--especially, sadness--crying easily, feeling down seem to be bad these days. This past week didn't help because I came down with an intestinal bug that has drained me too. I decided to 'tough it out' but am wondering if these are typical withdrawal symptoms of all these strong drugs?
Anyone have similar symptoms? Thanks.