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Hello, My name is Anastasia. I am 22 years old. Until recently i was a smoker. Althought not a heavy smoker. 2 packs per week maybe. I quit. It's been tough. About 2 months ago i notced the feeling of something stuck in my throat. It has NEVER gone away since and is litterally driving me insane!
When i ope my mouth and throat wide enough i can actually see a small knot,if you will, towards the base of the right side of my epiglotis. I can actually stick my finger back there and touch it. It is not painful to the touch. It feels quite soft and almost like a loose hanging mole. I know that's gross but am at a loss for good analogies! Anyways..every now and again..maybe once a day or so it will send a slight ache through to my right tonsil (which is large but not painful) and on to my right ear. I also notice that the sensation of a lump in my throat worsens greatly when in public or especially at work. My job is not high stress, my old job (when i found the problem to be a problem, i was working at an unbearibly stressful place, i was put on xanax for stress related chest pains while working there) When i am home relaxing on weekends it doesn't bother me so much. It's not a PHANTOM lump because it is visible and i have actually touched it with my index finger. It doesn't seem to be getting any better at all. It just feels as if something is stuck in my throat on the right side. It's very annoying and my right side of my nose is really stuffed up. it won't seem to un-stuff! I know i should go to the doctor.
I haven't gone to the doctor because i have no insurance and am just wondering if anyone has an opinion on this at all. Please help me, it is making me crazy! I would appreciate it more than you know.