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So depressed today, I thought I was going to lose it in a fit of tears at the doctors office today.

I went in for the Chantix and was hoping to get a sleep aid in case I couldn't sleep (a side effect) and ended up with xanax to help me relax and sleep.

Son never came home last night. He was supposed to work today and missed that.

My mind went into a deep sadness. Putting together the last 24 hours. He had to borrow $10 from me last night before he went to his second job. He was on edge/hyper, snappy and stuffed up. He wasn't himself, his face was off and in a crazed rush to get out the door (no he wasn't late for work.)

When he didn't come home this morning I didn't worry until it past the time he was supposed to leave for work. He finally tried calling the house at noon, I wasn't home, I am not calling him back.

On one hand I want to drug test him when he gets home and on the other I don't want him home for awhile, days, perhaps a week, so he thinks deeply about this latest screw up.

He is in the same pattern. Last time he screwed up it was 09/17. His old pattern was clean and great for two weeks, then dog gone it on or around the two week mark he would fall of the wagon. He lost his day job, thanks to not showing up today. Who knows how long he will keep his night job.

Sadmum, I read about Katey last night. You handle these things better than I do. When I read your post, I thought we are connected somehow in our lives with our children, even though we are from two different parts of the world.

Thanks all for listening.
Cram, I forgot to comment on the xanax...you know that is my son's addiction, so you also know I hate those pills........please be careful with them...I know you will.........but I had to say that....................I hate to even see the word!!!
cram...hide the xanax inn a great spot or your son will snag them...shirt pocket or something in closet...xanax is also a drug of choice for him...its poweful dru..if you took a couple more than prescribed it cause lethargy,stupor,slurring o f words,wont remeber next dsy what happened...slows down heart rqate..people od from xanax(alzprozolam)...to me stronger than valium...im super happy i found chantix and folks read my thread and your starting it...good luck chef
I didn't touch the the xanax. My prescriptions always expire before I use a third of them. I hide them in my locked bedroom, locking our bedroom door again since he has been home. He found my darvocets in kitchen cabinet awhile back, they were basically full and then they were gone. I am fortunate, I don't like the feeling drugs give me, so I avoid them, I don't like not being in control of my body and I don't like feeling hungover the next day.

Today is Sunday, he tried calling yesterday but again I didn't answer or try to call him back. Can't bear to look at him, I know I will be able to read his weekend on his face. Last night I was in a deep funk. Went to bed late because I wasn't sleepy, slept good in between but woke early. My husband had a terrible time sleeping with his worries.

I haven't told my ex (my sister is the go between since we don't talk) but I am going to give him a heads up today. Let him know I am extremely disappointed and at a loss.

I love my son, such a bright light but he cannot keep himself lit. Friday night after he left, I did eyeball his room but have no idea this time where he would hide his paraphanlia (sp?).

Sadmum Katey is gone? A book just popped into my head about what we are going through. We can't mention names but it is about a young girl who had a drug problem, it is her diary that they found after she died. I had my son read it. Hoping he could relate to what that girl went through with her on again off again drug use. It is easy reading and enlightening.

To everyone else, thanks, I understand that the addict doesn't care about anything at that moment except getting high. Logic and love goes right out the window. I have to try to keep my spirits up. I told my husband this am that if son wants any money the answer is no, even if it is a loan till he gets to the bank. He has to learn how to budget his money. I even entertained the idea of charging him rent.

I am getting my chantix tomorrow, pharmacy had none in stock. Cost is $129,not as bad as I thought.