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well today is a bad day. I chose to drink last night and even though it was 4 glasses over a 5 hour time period I am SO hungover. I feel awful. This is my second lapse after quitting drinking just over 3 weeks ago.
I don't know why it hit me so hard. I have been taking xanax for anxiety in the evenings but did not take any last night because I had decided to drink and I know they should not be mixed. If I took .5mg the night before (so about 24 hrs prior to drinking) could that be why the wine hit me so much harder than ever before?
I wish I could stick to a plan adn get well. I'm just so lonely regardless that sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it to try anymore.
Hi MsMinn, as Marie said it’s great that you're thinking about changing your lifestyle; it seems that you in the process of realising the damage all these drugs do to your life, although I wonder if you're aware of your problem with Alcohol. It's not how much we drink, but it's the mental obsession that we have that leaves us thinking about how we can get a "buzz" of sorts regardless of whether we're actually doing that at that time.

That said you are switch one drug for another if you're drinking in place of Ultram, increasing your amount of drink in place of Ultram etc etc. Xanax is another little Bugger that you have to deal with if you want to be "clean." Have you thought of going to a treatment centre? If you can afford it (money or time.) then it's a great way to get you out of your current environment and into a place of recovery. They will also introduce you to NA or AA and so much more can be offered to you so that you can escape this awful daily routine.

Bear in mind, getting dry from one dry means little if you’re using other drugs!!! To be sober means that we are free of all mind and mood alternating drugs and substances; eventually NA/AA can show you how to live this wonder filled life, a life that you probably don't imagine possible right now. It's yours for the taking :-) You deserve it