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Call me a pessimist, but I have not known anyone who has ever completely gotten over anxiety dissorder. It is usually a life long illness that should be treated as such. I am only 29 now, but I have gone through three remissions where I had no symptoms for years, but it always comes back. You may take medication that makes you feel better and then quit and find that the symptoms are still there. The best solution to a long term illness is long term medication as well as major life style changes:

Quit drinking
Quit smoking
No caffeine
Regulate sugar
Exercise regularly
Eat better in general

Big ones:
relaxation techniques (meditation) or
Cognitive behavioral therapy

If you practice these things, you may find that things become much easier to deal with. Combined with medication most people can live a full life with very few side-effects and long term problems. You WILL have your bad days, but they won't be crippling. I take only Xanax because all of the other drugs out there cause me too many side-effects. I have heard lots of good things about Buspar as well however I think it is weaker than the Xanax and takes some time to reach its full strength.

I hope this helps.