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Hi Hyper79,
Your story sounds so much like mine it’s eerie. I too am married and have a child about the same age as yours. I can speak from my own experience this doesn't just go away. I have been unemployed a year and a half now.

I’m starting to think the trick to overcoming this is to keep your mind so busy you don’t have time to be anxious or depressed. My Panic disorder and Generalized anxiety disorder has gone into remission at times, sometimes 100% free of symptoms. Each of those times I was working. The jobs were not overly stressful and looking back I enjoyed them I physically worked hard it kept me busy and the compliments about my work sure made me feel good. Since I stopped working it has been a slow downward spiral. That picks up speed the longer you live isolated from society.

I have been on Xanax for almost 7 years. I credit that for helping me go into remission when my daughter was born and was able to work and was the sole provider for my family for years. I bet I tried every SSRI ever made. Each one has made me so sick with terrible side effects . Xanax is like Klonopin it’s certainly not a wonder drug but it can help make you function with fewer side effects. Besides not working I have had the most stressful year of my life, My mother passed away four months ago, We moved from Florida where we got hit by a hurricane, even my dog Barnabas an awesome black lab who was my only company during years of agoraphobia we had to put down due to hip dysplasia. We moved back to Illinois and my panic disorder took a turn for the worse. I see a new doctor now who increased my medication and changed it to a longer acting Xanax. I’m feeling better and getting out by myself daily. I hope to be working very soon and will appreciate that job so much. I know it will put me in a remission so I can function as a normal father and husband.

The worst thing about this bout of panic is this is the first time it has disabled me while being a father. I feel so weak when I can’t do the simplest things. I’ve missed out on so much. My wife is my safe person I can do many outdoor things when she is there. I want my daughter to grow to think of me as a strong man that she respects. I believe if I don't get over this I will never become a role model to her. I believe every successful happy common sense person in the world has had a positive role model.

My wife is a very nice person yet at times it’s hard for her to understand. When I met her I was a driver for United Parcel Service a good paying job. I was a normal nice guy. I left UPS because of a back problem and that started the first time in my life of not working. The anxiety seed was planted and grew! For years I lied, I would say I was going on an interview and never go, I would start a job quit it and lie that they let me go. She knew of coarse when I started to see a P-Doctor but I kept the diagnosis to myself. Slowly I started to tell her more about my disorder. About three months ago I told her we need to talk. Turned off all distractions, (TV etc) and told her everything about my disorder. She was surprised at the severity and frequency of it. She now almost coaches me. She can tell by the look on my face when I’m having a panic attack. I’m doing a little more each day by myself. We have a cell phone I carry if I need her right away she is there. When I’m myself again I’ll pay her back ten fold. I want to give my wife and daughter the best life I can.

My suggestion is honesty to all. It may help you out of this so much easier by letting others understand. Negativity will make others believe what they decide, and that usually is that you are healthy and just lazy.

If you were literally “Stuck in some mud” What would you do?

Good Luck Dave