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I definately have anxiety and have been holding a job. I also have high blood pressure and SVTs, but I am still here everyday. I just make sure I have xanax and a bp monitor in my bag at all times and usually I don't have to use either.
There was a time when I was afraid that even if I got out of bed I would have an attack, but life is bed is not much of a life.
The best thing that is going to help your anxiety is to get your mind off of your worries. Get out there and get a job to take your mind off of things. Now, I don't know if you want to go back to a stressful job, but maybe something a little easier.
I went from Production Support with 24x7 on call to a Technical Writer position and the stress has definately decreased. Also my new job has a gym on site(exercise is great for anxiety) and once I talked to my boss about having bouts with anxiety, she was actually pretty cool about it. Even allows me to work from home whenever I need to. I haven't had to take a work from home day since August if that tells you something.

The big question you have to ask yourself is if you are going to let the anxiety win? I say "heck no" there is too much out there to experience.
Plus, you are 21, you have your whole life ahead of you!!:wave:

good luck,
I am a Mechanical Engineer. I design electronics for military avionics. I work full-time and have a very demanding job, so I would say, Yes, it is very possible to hold a job. Like a previous poster, I also take a Xanax with me to work, but I take 2 mg per day, so I have to take my second dose at 5. Anyway, is it possible, yes. Is it difficult, yea, sometimes it is really hard to get up in the morning and go to work, but now Ihave a family, so I can't cop out and that keeps me going every day. I also really love what I do and I think that makes it so much easier to get to work every morning. Find something you really enjoy and make a career out of it. Good luck guys and I hope you all find something you enjoy doing, because being busy is one of the best cures for anxiety. it's true.