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i have a really odd question for you...

i have OCD along with my anxiety issues.. as of late its been checking compulsions.. anyway its turned into a real problem now because i have been checking my xanax pills (i dont know why i just have.. thats OCD for you)

i have never noticed this before... but on my .5mg peach colored or 1mg blue pills i noticed there are little specks that are a darker color of blue or peach.. and thanks to the combo of anxiety and OCD i am freaking out a little over this.. ( i am not gonna get into the thoughts that ran through my head when i first saw this because thats more for the OCD board) but is everyones xanax pills like this? you would think i would have noticed this awhile ago since i have been on it for over a year now and am sure they have all been like this and could just accept that... but... nope! :rolleyes: and now its freaking me out.. man i hate anxiety&OCD
Are you taking Xanax or the generic Alprozolam? I was shocked to learn from a post here a month or so ago that with generic medications such as Alprozolam the FDA allows the generic manufacturer to be off by a certain percentage. Also, they can use different fillers, etc. So it is possible if this is Alprozolam it is just made by a different manufacturer and these little specks could just be a filler not in other Alprozolam you have taken. That would be my guess! I looked and don’t see specks in mine.
Hi Punkdizzle: There are web sites where you can view pictures of your meds, sometimes just click on xanax or alprazolam (don't know if I should say which site or not). I did click on both dosages and you can enlarge the picture and both the peach and the blue did have tiny little specks in them of the darker color of the peach and blue. Looks good to me.

I have taken the generic Xanax and they have little specks in them, but the real problem is the OCD that is causing this. I have OCD, so I can definitely understand where you are coming from. The Xanax will really help a lot with the anxiety for you, but it will do nothing for your thoughts. Are you taking any other drugs other than the Xanax? If so, what? Many of the SSRI's and anti-depressants can have really negative effects on thought intrusions and cause an increase in frequency and strength. I have found for me, the best solution for the OCD is just Xanax with meditation and CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy which is essentially the same thing that you would be doing while meditating. Anyway, sitting for a half hour every morning just practicing thought control helps a lot. You can learn to dismiss thoughts much easier and the Xanax takes care of the anxiety. I am about 95% well now and have been for quite some time using this method. Unfortunately, there is no one stop cure for OCD, so the best you can do is learn to cope and the best coping mechanism is meditation. Do a web search for buddhist meditation and try to practice it. It doesn't interfere with any other religion, so don't worry about that. It is like Yoga, you don't have to believe in Buddha to meditate. Anyway, try it out and hopefully it will help you through your hard times.

Take care.
i only take xanax for my OCD... i am like you and find it in combo with CBT seems to work best for me.. i guess if i had to put a # on it i am about 85% better then i was at first without the meds and CBT ..

the annoying thing with OCD is it seems once you overcome one obsession it will find another one for you :mad: but i find that only taking xanax is the best plan of attack for me as SSRIs do not agree with my system at all..

if i can control the anxiety that the thoughts bring i can usually rationalize them and then ignor them 85% of the time and as you can see from this post the other 15% of the time i cant.. and have to find a way around it like asking off the wall questions like this..:D

but see now that i have been reassured that the specks are normal i can ignore the thoughts.. (hope that makes sense)..