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If you are having major panic attacks these solutions will probably not help you, however, for social anxiety and the occasional anxiety attack these holistic remedies may help.

Kava Kava - This herb helps a lot with minor anxiety. You will read a lot about liver problems, but that is just the FDA trying to scare consumers away from a holistic remedy which actually works.

Valerian - Callms the nervous system and can really help in the morning as a hot cup of tea. Same as the Kava.

Exercise - getting in shape has proven to increase the seratonin levels in the brain creating a natural anti-depressant as well as getting you into better shape so self-esteem is improved. This one is pretty huge. If you can get to the gym a few times a week, you will feel an immediate effect.

Eating better - stay away from sugar, cafeine, alcohol, cigarettes, etc and balance your diet so you are not eating all kinds of preservatives and are intaking an occasional vitamin.

Multi-Vitamin with B vitamins - B vitamins are incredibly helpful for the nervous system and the rest of the vitamins help the rest of your body. I would advise everyone to take a multi-vitamin.

Meditation - training your mind through deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation has been probably the most succesful holistic remedy of them all for me. It actually led to three years symptom free when I crashed after college.

If all else fails and you have seen the doctor about every disease under the sun then consider Xanax. It has dramatically changed my life. I still implement the exercise, eating well, and meditation, but the Xanax took away the panic. I am very greatful to have found a doctor that gave me a drug that didn't make my anxiety worse. After the loads of crap I had been on in my past I was very hesitant, but it turned out to be a blessing. I have been panic free for 3 months and I was really losing it 3 months ago, so major change there. Try the holistic remedies first, but if it doesn't quite do it for ya, then consider a good doctor.