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Hi i'm currenly suffering from anxiety/panic/ocd to the point where i've completely withdrawln from everything. I was doing better (about 2 weeks)until i went to take a mri and had a panic attack within 2 minutes. So now that brought it all back to where it was before i started getting better. I recently (about 4 days ago) started taking .5 mg xanax once a day when i start experiencing depersonalization/derealization with vertigo (xanax helps). The vertigo is pretty much all day everyday and is a rocking type vertigo. Is this common in these disorders? Its by far the freakiest thing ever and was curious if anyone experiences it and has some tips to bring you back to reality as soon as possible.
Oh yeah and the xanax is the only thing for me that calms down the symptoms but not enough to say that they are completly gone.. :dizzy: Boxer
I'll give you the whole story later on when my vertigo isnt in full swing... but it started about 6 months ago with sinus probblems, fogginess, and fatigue. The next day I had my first anxiety attack and got incredibly scared and started worrying about my health. I didnt have vertigo back then... but about 4 weeks ago i got a middle ear, sinus, and throat infection at the same time. I was doing ok and was able to drive etc until the vertigo hit which really disabled me and brought me into this constant panic and overwhelming anxiety. Thats when the tilting sensation and spinning movements started getting real bad. I went to a neurologist and had an MRI done of my brain sinus and cervical spine and was diagnosed with sphenoid and maxillary sinus disease. That was last week and now i have flu like symptoms with another ear infection which is bringing on another sinus infection. Its so hard dealing with all of this along with horrible anxiety. As for the eye problems... yes and this all started after the first ear infection... my eyes feel incredibly heavy, burn and i seem to see everything in slow motion. It looks like things are moving when im trying to focus on something (tv, compter, etc) But yeah i'll give u the whole scoop later on. :D

EDIT: boxer how much xanax do you take daily? I just started like a week ago cause i couldnt make it through an mri without freaking out lol. But it helped and helps me out a ton during the day... but it seems to wear off within like 3 hours...
Hi bucks~
sorry your having a bad day.. I really think your vertigo sounds like more of an ear disorder verses anxiety.. That's just my opinion based on what you have told me so far.. I think mine can also be ear or tmj related because I do get these sharp shooting pains deep down inside my ear at times.. But every time I go to the Doctor she just looks in my ears gives me antibiotics and some nasal spray and sends me on my way and the balance never resolves.. Frustrating!!! I know inner ear balance problems can make anxiety 1000 times worse.
I also have the eye problems too... They are exactly as you described.. It's amazing that are vertigo is pretty much the same. I take the lowest dose of xanax I guess it's 0.25mg It seems to take the edge off as I mentioned but still feel some motion. Without it I don't know if I would be able to function..
Perhaps you should ask your doctor for the xanax Xr I believe it is released throughout the day, maybe that would be better choice for you..
I wanted to know do you feel better when you lay down also? That is the only time I feel somewhat normal..
I am curious to see how you make out tomorrow keep me posted!
Wishing you Luck! Boxerlover [COLOR="Purple"](boxer's Leave Paw Prints in Our Hearts Forever)
Hi Bucks~
Mine is actually worse during the day and better at night.. I feel really disconnected throughout the day as if I am walking around in a fog, all that is familiar to me sometimes seems "unreal" or "dreamlike".. This could all be coming from your ear problem.. Are you taking any meds besides the xanax?
Episodes of what Dp/Dr? or the vertigo? How has the dizziness been? I know you mentioned in another post that it was getting better.. Is that still the case? Remember Derealization and Depersonalization are both 'Dissociative disorders and sufferers of one can experience the other. Depersonalization and Derealization are completely normal symptoms of anxiety disorder. Although very disturbing at times, they are completely harmless. They Do
NOT mean that you have any other condition, a mental illness or that you are going mad... they are just more anxiety symptoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think if you are having a lot of trouble dealing with these feelings, perhaps a visit to the Doctor's would be beneficial.. Maybe they can change your medication to something that helps this disorder as well.. (meaning the derealization/depersonalization) Do you feel you are getting any relief from the xanax??
I still get occassional vertigo spells... but not near what it was. The dp/dr is what is really bothering me. I sit in this computer chair and feel like im a ghost and i start getting confused and panicy. But i was reading another forum (dunno if i am supposed to post links) but its dp/dr related only. I was reading a thread and saw that vitaminb6 helps tons of people with dp/dr... i was taking multi vitamins about a week ago and stopped for no reason and the last few days have been pure hell (dp/dr) wise... So i'm gonna start taking them again and see if i get any improvement... The xanax helps a little bit, but not as much as id like ;) Maybe i just need to up my dosage a bit... only been takin but .25 mg twice a day. Thanks again boxer and i hope you start improving very soon...:wave:
My opinion on medication is more isn't always better then less. It seems like your doctor has you on so many new medications that I’m sure is giving you side effects and taking you off others that must be causing some withdrawal. Symptoms. It would seem logical to just stabilize you first with a good anti-anxiety benzo like Xanax or even Klonopin but by themselves. Then once you are stable re-evaluate your level of depression.
And if needed take one anti-depressant.

I have Panic disorder with agoraphobia, GAD, and depression. It’s the depersonalization/derealization that scares the heck out of me and I think causes certainly the agoraphobia and probably the others.

Yesterday at about 7:00pm I took 2mg of XanaxXR this morning I took 2mg of regular Xanax (Alprozalam) I had a great day today. Spent almost the whole day at a festival of Christmas trees with my wife and daughter at a local expo center. A giant building that recently would have made me run out in panic. I had no depersonalization/derealization there which in turn seemed to take away “all” my symptoms of my disorders including depression. I felt like a regular Dad like the others there it made me happy.

I tried most SSRI’s that always gave me terrible side effects almost always anxiety with depersonalization/derealization .

I hope things get better for you soon Dave
not really... i've been trying to do things tho... been getting out a lot more. I go back to my therapist tomorrow for the second visit. Hopefully this time he'll actually give me some advice instead of just getting to know me lol. But im not handling the dp/dr very well at all... im wondering if the xanax is making it worse because i know when im coming down and feeling withdrawl and thats when it starts hitting hard. I honestly think i need to up my dosage because .25 just isn't cutting it anymore :/ I only feel it for like 2-3 hours if even that.
Hey bucks~
I am glad to hear you were able to get out a little more these days.. I know for me some days are really hard for me with the "vertigo" the "Anxiety/panic" I find myself being house bound for days.. This in turn makes me feel like I am losing my mind as well.. I know that the xanax can make me feel foggy headed at times and yes the dose you are taking is really low.. Sometimes I take 1/2 of that to take the edge off without the groggy foggy head feeling. But I do think you may need a larger dose to feel the better effects.. I would mention it tomorrow at your appointment.. Especially the dp/dr feelings..
I know for me it usually only last 1~2 hours as well, xanax is short lived.
Maybe the XR would be a better choice for you.. Let me know how you do tomorrow! Wishing you luck and just wanted you to know I was keeping you in my prayers.. For I know how vicious anxiety can be! Boxerlover:angel:
It takes a while for many meds to reach "levels" in your bloodstream, so give the Cymbalta a little while, you may need an adjustment,or not. I was going to sugest that you try Klonipin rather than Xanax because it has a longer half life- it stays in your bloodstream longer- also some people have a "rebound" effect w/ Xanax, meaning you feel better soon after you take it and then worse when it wears off than you did when you took it.Your doc may be willing to up your klonipin after you reach levels on the cymbalta,talk to him/her about it. I know I have taken my share of meds from the "benzo" family(still do) and it is not uncommon for people to have klonipin during the daytime in addition to before bed, or ativan during the day and klonipin at night.

Hope you're feeling better soon, this is a battle that is hard to bear sometimes,I know I'm not handeling mine well at all right now.Don't be afraid to tell your doc if you feel overwhelmed even if they say that you're on the right track and to be patient,screw that.If you aren't doing well let them know right away before depression sets in like it has for me :wave:
I have read all the post on this thread and noticed every one talks mainly about treating dp/dr with meds and alsothe lindel program.I have suffered from dp/dr for about 7 years(also have GAD, socaial anxiety, and possably ADD), then started taking xanax and it helped tremendusly for a couple of months. I had to keep uping my dosage and now taking 6mg a day. For me the xanax alone was not enough for me to live a productive life, I was still having all my symptoms, just not as bad. About 2 months ago I started taking adderall and have found this combination the best after trying ssri's and other meds for 6 years. Still not wear I want to be in my treatment. I was wondering if I'm Going to have to take meds for the rest of my life, or is there anyone who has overcame this with any kind of program and-or therapy, without meds.

Have ben considering a private mental health instatution with out meds.and dont know where to go with my treatment.