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Ok, I have been diagnosed with SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) and regular sinus tachycardia. I sometimes post on the heart board as well, but the reason I'm here is because my Dr.'s are wondering just how much of my anxiety disorder brings on the svt. I have a huge anxiety disorder and just started seeing a psychologist, who told me I'm in for long therapy, haha. The svt doesn't bother nearly as much as the daily tachycardia. I am on a beta blocker, INderal, but it is not helping that much, and is making my bp go really low and my hr is all over the place, high and low. We may switch next week to another beta blocker if it doesn't work by then. That will be almost a month I've tried it. Today she wants me to try Lexapro, to see if that will help with the anxiety, because the Xanax helps my anxiety, but it isn't helping all the way, and makes me really zoned out and lethargic. The beta blocker is making me depressed, which I guess is a side effect.
Anyways, I was wondering with you guys that have anxiety how fast your heart races, and does it race all the time or only during an anxiety attack? Also, in the morning, my heart races when I first get up, and I wonder how much is normal and how much isn't? I am trying to figure out how much of this is anxiety induced, andl convince myself I am ok. One Cardiologist even told me in his opinion if I could get the anxiety under control, there probably wouldn't be a heart problem. (not meaning that I wouldn't have svt, but that it would be way less, and maybe no daily fast heart race either)
Thanks guys for your time! Michelle