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I took Prozac a few years ago, 20 mg, it took about 3 weeks to realy kick in, but it really gave me alot of energy. It never took my weird feelings (tingling, etc) away but it made me so that I don't sit and ponder on it all the time. Buspar didn't work for me either, in fact it made my anxiety worse. I just started taking my Prozac again about a week ago, I started with 20 mg, which I took before, but my doc says that maybe this time we will up the dosage after a while to see if this helps with the other weird feelings. I take xanax when I feel really bad. All, and All, the prozac was great!!!!
I took Prozac for nine years, worked great for about the first 6, then it fizzled out n me! I am now taking Luvox, which th Dr says is one of the first SSRI's to come out! can't say it's the greatest, but it is helping some, I also take Xanax...

Give the prozac, time. In the end i think you will find it works pretty good!

Good luck
I just stopped my prozac as well. Yesterday as a matter of fact. I was on 20mg for almost a month. It about killed me. The anxiety it gave me outweighed the benefits it had in helping me with my anger/depression issues. I was so anxious I could not function. No appetite and just over all shaky on the inside feeling and tired. I didn't want to leave the house. Not like me at all. I had to have my DH drive me to the Dr as I didn't think I would have made it yesterday I was so bad. My Dr is going to re-evaluate me in a week to see how my moods are and maybe drop the dose to 10mg or maybe prozac weekly. He also gave me a continuation of my xanax I had been taking along with the prozac to curb the anxiety issues I was having with it. Xanax is a great drug!! It's all I have been able to take really. I tried Wellbutrin once and it was HORRIBLE! ALL I know is I was not having anxiety issues before the use of Prozac but once I got on it that kicked in BIG TIME. On the up side like I said it did make me feel better in terms of worrying and anger.