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Yup. I think all anxiety dissorders are similar and many people exhibit tendencies towards multiple different dissorders. I have Pure OCD, but I also have major panic attacks for sometimes no reason (Panic Dissorder), and anxiety in social situations, (Social Anxiety), to I don't think most of us can just put ourselves into one particular group or diagnosis. They all overlap to some degree.

Health anxiety is a pretty common thing. In fact I have had my periods where I was so obsessed with my health that I was checking for hypoglycemia, Schizophrenia, you name is I had it. However, many panic sufferers obsess about their dissorder as well and ussually do all kinds of research, which is probably how you and I found this web site, to explain their anxiety.

There is treatment available for all of these or this dissorder however it can sometimes be a long hard road to finding the drug that works best for you. I choose the Benzo's, Xanax in particular and it is working wonders for me, however others have not had as much success. SSRI's are sometimes used, but many have pretty severe initial side effects. I would suggest you enlist the help of a professional and see what work best for you.

Good luck.