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Well, all good things must end. Son has slacked on looking for work. Went to GF house Wednesday nite so he could go to her dental hygeine graduation (she needs some hygeine) and has slowly been working on my friend's christmas lights that she will pay him dearly for. Not calling her like he should...came by today after he worked over there for a short while....left with GF. (her mom got her another rental car).....My friend called me and said he was supposed to call her at 4:30 and let her know if he was going to finish up tonight. He said he was. She called him, GF answered and said he's busy but he needs to finish that up because he owes my mom $200 for getting him out of jail. Well, excuse me.....he owes his own mom for more than that!!!!!!!! I called him at 5:30 and GF said, he's asleep!!!!!!!1 I said Asleep at 5:30....what's he been doing...........xanax??????? and she said NO...like I asked a foolish question!!! Idiot!!! Anyway, I said wake him up and put him on the phone....I could hear in the background, she said wake up it's your mom, she said she didn't care if you were asleep....which I never said, but I didnt!!! He didn't get on phone.........so I hung up..........very ticked off........he will def hear from me tomorrow..........I am furious...........back to same old behavior.........lazy!! Maybe no drugs, but lazy don't get it with me.........he's got more fines than he knows what to do with, and sleeping at 5:30 in the afternoon instead of calling around, going by grocery stores, WalMart, whatever, ain't gonna get it. So, I may have to kick him out AGAIN!!!!!:)
My son is 22, we have been going through this for 18 months. There are good days and weeks. I have kicked him out so many times. The kicking out get easier when you realize you are back to square one after you let him move back in and kicking out does have it perks they do learn a little at a time. (Right now he is working long hours but doesn't have any money to show for it, he spends it all and not on bills. If he isn't working during the day, he will sleep the entire day away.)

Sleeping all day is a sign, that you have a problem bigger than you realize. Whether it is depression or drug use, I don't know but it is a warning to you that you and he need help. The earlier you get help, the easier it is.

Originally 18 months ago I thought for six months my sons problems were his xanax prescribed by his psychologist but it was just masking the real problem, other drugs.

Keep us posted.

Flint- doesn't the saying go behind every successful man is a successful woman? Here is where our boys need some serious help. Since I have nothing nice to say about my son right now, I am not going to say anything at all. ;)

Cram, it all sounds so familiar..he was prescribed klonopins by his pysh..started abusing them..was working 2 part time jobs and going to college full time..stopped paying his bills and started buying xanax and opiads on the street..they are all over the place here in n.y.and very easy to get..anyway we have been doing drug tests and the latest came back neg for everything..he seems remorseful and very sullen and depressed..we did go with him to his psyh. today..he prescribed him mood disorder meds and an anti-depressant..bipolar????anyway,all is ok right now but im terrified to see him come in here high again..he agreed to go into a rehab if it happens again..but the doc did tell us not to put him out into the street he told us to get a lawyer to get a court order to have him put into rehab if this happens again? have you looked into that? or know any info you can share with me? because i know my son and he will not go into a rehab on his own...hes 20 but hes more like a spoiled 16 yr old....
Prayers are with you Chef...Hope all are having a great turkey day. I ate too much as usual.....but loved it. haven't heard from son is 4 days...didn't even call me today. Husband and I just discovered that a bottle of xanax we had left ovver from weaning him off of them in February are missing. We had them with other meds in a sock up in the top of my closet....only person who would have taken them would be son. There were prob 15-20 in the bottle. After 2 arrests in one weekend because of xanax....he wants them still...so he steals them. The day I told him he had 2 weeks to find a job, guess he didn't like that...haven't seen or heard from him since. Hope SHE'S ready to support him...cause if he doesn't find a job quickly, and pay his probation next week, he goes back to jail. How soon he forgot how bad that was....guess it wasn't as bad as I thought...he wants to go back.........makes no sense to me, but nothing does where it concerns him. maybe he's bipolar too!!! something has to be wrong with his brain.......if he comes home, he will be drug tested..........and that alone will boot him out of the house......he knows that.......that's usually why he stays away.......oh well, nothing I can do but pray.....maybe some day he'll grow up.........hope I'm still here to see it!!!