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Just my 2 cents.....
I also have had chest pain on and off and this is the root cause of my anxiety. I have been checked out and everything is ok with my heart. I found the more you worry and think about it the more it happens. Trust me, if you were having a heart attack it would have happened by now and most likely the pain would be getting much worse and not stop or lessen. If you were to have other symptoms of heart attack like sweating and pain radiating down your left am and up to your jaw then yes, call for emergency help. Even if it were not a heart attack it's best to be sure. I've had attacks where I had every heart attack symptom and went to the hospital and it turned out to be a panic attack. Now that I'm on xanax and my anxiety is under control my chest pain hasn't come back......see the connection? I also don't sit all day worrying like I used to. You should go to your doctor and talk about the symptoms and maybe get on something to ease the anxiety and some therapy couldn't hurt either! :) Know that you're not alone with this, many of us suffer with heart anxieties. But truly, the more you think of it and worry about it the more you'll have it.

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