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Hi JJ,

Yes, I'm sure you're probably right on all counts. I'm really not expecting anything to develop over a lunch, but I just figured that after all this e-mailing over the last four months, that it would only be natural that sooner or later, one way or the other, we'd eventually meet up with one another.

But like I said, my expectations are not very high, since I realize that we've both lived very different lives. I'm basically a hermit compared to her! She'd been married for a long time before she lost her husband. She has a grown son, as well as a grandson. And me, I've never had any of those things! That's a whole different world to me. I'm not sure whether these things matter all that much or not, but just the thought of them gives me the jitters! I'd probably be like Ralph Kramden when I meet her (humuna, humuna, humuna!). Well, I do have some Xanax on hand, which I'll be sure to take if and when we meet. That should help some. I just hope that she turns out to be the kind of person that I can at least feel at ease with. You know how that is. With some people, you almost immediately begin to feel at ease with, while with others you can remain nervous and uneasy the whole time!

Unfortunately, my father isn't improving. If anything, he seems to be either the same or a little worse. It's becoming more difficult for him to walk, but at least now he is beginning to use the walker a little more. So, I'm just trying to face the fact that he'll never be able to walk nearly as well as he once did. That's a hard pill to swallow.

Enjoy your day, and will talk to you later!:wave:
Well, you may be right about this, JJ. And I think I am going to take your advice. Just wait it out and see what happens, I guess. Of course, I still feel like a 10-1 underdog. But I'm used to that. You know, the first time I met her I did take the Xanax, and it did help me relax a little. But next time, if there is one, I think I'm going to do without it. I really don't think I would need it, and besides, I think I can be more like my real self without it.