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Hey M- I have to say you and I are the same! I am 27 and I have been dealing with the same issues. I was watching tv a couple months ago and had such an attack out of no where that I got rushed to the e.r. I was on effexor for years and when I thought I was over the whole anxiety thing I was taken off them. That was 2 years ago. Now sine Aug of I have been dealing with this problem all over again. They thought I could just go back on the same meds as before but I reacted to them. So after trying 4 different kinds of meds I am now on Xanax XR .5mg and trying yet again Effexor. Maybe you need to change up your meds. I kept getting break thru attacks thats why I have to keep changing. Talk to your doctor about some other options you may have. Good luck and keep posting...this seems to help me knowing others out there have the same problems. Better to talk to those who are going thru this rather than someone who has no idea!! :)