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Hi, I'm new to this anxiety stuff. It was brought on by prolonged stress several months ago after some health issues I had. I was also pretty stressed with my job situation. It tends to run in my family, as my mother has battled anxiety too and my sister is slightly OCD. My symptoms have mainly just been physical. I don't really tend to have frightening or disturbing thoughts. I've found I have different symtoms depending on what time of day it is. Is anyone else like that? If I have a bad morning, I will usually be really weak and lightheaded, but that is all. If it bothers me at work, it will be the tightness in the throat, tightness in the chest, hard to breath, or real shaky. In the evenings, it's more headaches or tension in my neck. I also tend to get these really strange sensations in my head in the evenings sometimes. It's like a wavy feeling in my brain for just a second and then it's gone. Very disturbing though. Of all the symptoms, that one probably freaks me out the most. Is that particular symptom anxiety, or could it be from the meds? I'm taking 40mg a day of Paxil (generic) and .25mg - .5mg of Xanax (generic) as needed. Does anyone else also feel fine for several days and think it's going away, and then boom!, it hits you like a rock again?

Sorry so long, just want to know what's "normal." Thanks