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I am 57 year old female and in good health. My husband of 37 years was DX with cancer last year and went through chemo had a real rough time. He is in remission and trying to recover but I am a basket case. Dr has me on 20 MG lexapro and 1 mg xanax xr he thinks I can prevent these attacks. I usually feel almost normal a few hours before bed time and am fine during the night but when I wake up in the AM I am a wreck. Does anyone else have this problem? I need all the advise I can get:dizzy:
I used to wake up in kind of a border line state - like slightly on the verge of a panic attack. I could always tell it could go one way or the other. I would take a xanax and head it off.

You didn't say how long you've been on the lexapro. It should help to prevent you waking up like that after you've been taking it a while.
Yea, mornings are definitely the worst for me as well. I am good once I get out the door and start working on something, but as soon as I wake up I am ussually sick to my stomach and nauseas as well. Xanax also helps if I pop one right after waking up.
hi cdsprincess, saw your post and yes i have a problem like that also. i usually start getting antsy and nervous in the late afternoon so i take a .25 xanax, but the early am hours(3-6) i have been waking up for months with racing heart and jerky. i take .5 xanax when i wake up about 2 am or so, but it hasn't made them go away. i am also on 10 mg of lexapro. i have had 2 stress test, heart echo, ekgs, 2 holter monitors (the last one showed some pvc's but dr. said nothing to worry about. so tomorrow nite i'm off for a sleep study to see if they can find anything. its seems like i'm on a merry go round of test, with no answers. its not even funny how anxiety can mess up your life!! by the way i am 53. i don't have any advice but wanted you to know you're not alone.