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I would say that sleeping your case is kinda bad. Because you are hiding from the anxiety that you fear by doing so. I have read a few of your posts and it sounds like you have a bit of depression? Is that accurate? I am not sure if it is clinical or you are just down because of the anxiety you deal with, but sleeping all the time is no way to live. I try to get 8 hours a day, and that is sufficient to keep me running.

I know you use some Xanax, but what else are you taking as far as medication? Could a change in meds help? I know the Xanax shouldn't be making you sleepy if you have been taking it for awhile.

I would have said "no", but you said it is you hiding place, so in that case, "yes" sleeping is bad for you. It is more painful to be awake, so you sleep and nobody should have to live that way. I would talk with your doctor about that.

OC, thanks for your reply and yes i do suffer from depression, but the Docs tell me it's because of my anxiety that i suffer... I guess you are right when you say i am hiding from my fears, but i fear stupid stuff, Like kids choking when they eat, where are they when the are outside, being late for work and others!
How does one deal with these negative feelings? I have been through therapy with no help. I do take Luvox along with the xanax, but it tends to make me emotionless... But does curb some of my anxiety. I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and have been on almost every drug (ssri) on the market. Took Prozax for almost 7 years until it quit working, then tried effexor and it was terrible. Now i take Luvox (100mgs) plus 2 and a half mgs of xanax 3 times a day. The xanax helps me relax, but the Dr. doesn't want me too much of it! Blahhhh... It's the best thing that has helped me! And like you, I do see some leveling (need more) I find that i constantly worry about everything, Like a million thoughts run through my head and won't stop! Some days are beeter than others and i think that i have a hold of it! But you know i think i am beginning to realize that i am in control of my life, then it fades and i am back into the some old routine!

And i rammble! :)

Take care and thanks
Thanks Becca

I have been on klonipin before, I really don't remember much about it other than the fact it didn't work for me like the Xanax does! I do nap, but it's not the idea that i need sleep, cause i usaully get about 6 hours a night, But that i am hiding from my fears! As for practicing what you preach... I am known for that myself! I have all sort of suggestions for others, but when I try to apply them to myself, I never follow through!
When i get stressed, i tend to want to sleep! So maybe i should exercise again? and see if that helps!

Thanks for the reply

Sounds like you have a lot of the same symptoms as I do. I constantly obsess about all kinds of stupid, but horrifying thoughts. At the time they are horrible, but later looking back I think, "why did I get so upset, it was just a thought". I think I know how you are feeling. I also got depressed as a result of the anxiety and thought intrusions and not vice versa.

I'm gonna throw something out there for you to try and as you know this medication stuff is a lot of trial and error anyway. What would happen if you started to taper back your Luvox and stick with just the Xanax? That is all I take and it has really helped me. I still have my bad days, but I can always identify the stressor whereas back in the day, I was stressed constantly and couldn't deal with simple daily life type events and also took refuge in sleep. Maybe talk to your doctor and try to taper off slowly from the Luvox. I have read a lot of posts on here about people with similar symptoms as ours and it has a name and it is Pure OCD. I know that all of the anxiety dissorders overlap and can't really be fit into one particular category, but most of the people's posts I have read have had negative reactions to SSRI's and Antidepressants. This is why I am thinking maybe the Xanax is keeping you OK and the Luvox may actually be working against you. I have taken all kinds of SSRI's and none worked, but the Xanax on its own does the trick. I still have the thoughts, but I am relaxed and OK enough to dismiss them without too much trouble compared to before when I wouldn't be able to get rid of a thought for days. Anyway, just a thought. Luvox is always prescribed to people with OCD, but it rarely if ever really works for them. OCD is a tough one. I also think your idea of exercising is a great one, it really helps self esteem. I also meditate which requires a lot of discipline, but if you can find the time to sit in one place and try to completely clear you rmind of thoughts then do it. It is essentially practicing not obsessing. Let us know how everything works out for ya.

Take care,
You are a wise one and am glad to have you around!
We think a lot a like... I have done exactly what you said about the Luvox and xanax. the Luvox to me is an "upper", Xanax is a "downer" So how do they really react together? Well I think the Luvox actually agitates me and the xanax brings me back down! BUT... I have tried to go without the Luvox and i get derealization and depression bad! So it's almost a curse...

OCD, is something i have struggled with too! and still do! (not going to go there for now) But i know you are on the right track! Thanks Man... Nice to be able to let some of this stuff out and feel ridiculed for it!

Yes exercise, I was heavy into it for years, then blew my back out and quit! I think a lot of my problems did get worse after i quit! So now i think i'll throw myself back into it!

Peace Becca and OCDenginer! :wave: