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Hi, welcome. Son is staying at girlfriend's. No job....court date a week from Tuesday...shoplifting...while on xanax....always when on xanax....also another court date for driving on suspended, possession of weed, for the second time, now it's a felony.........no job............fines out the kazoo.........has no motivation...........I am not concerned....I am tired and nothing I have done helps...so he's on his own. He's 21........he has to make the choices.
I read your posts and feel for you..my son is 20 and was abusing xanax like crazy. he lives home with us so, we have the advantage of drug testing him weekly...hes been clean. but after going with him to his pdoc over a month ago we did find out that hes bipolar...thats why he feels the need to keep popping those xanax, have you ever taken them? they numb you completely. when you have issues like depression, some people just look to get numb to get thru it..my son was using xanax and vicodins...where does your son get these pills? from a doctor? or on the street? here it was a little bit of both. can you get him to a pdod? i know you have tried everything and are fed up and i cant blame you..its just that he is only 21..and can straighten out his life..will he be like this at 40 yrs old?
My son gets his xanax off the street. He's never been on any meds his whole life except for ADD in 4th grade through 6th grade. Did you not see any signs of bi-polar in your son? I know people who are bi-polar and you sure know it when they are peeking on their highs and lows..........my son just needs to grow up. and I can't do it for him. believe me, I've tried. He is lazy, everything is always someone else's fault..........we spoiled him rotten as a child and that has hurt him so badly as an adult..........The xanax doesn't relax him, it makes him wild..he takes 3-4-5 bars at a time......then smikes weed or drinnks, which intensifies the effects..................he's lucky to be alive.............
Ive seen my son take those bars..believe me they are not making him wild..he has to be taking something else with them..not weed...I know what you are saying my son is our only son, we have 2 daughters.he is the oldest and we spoiled him rotten too....i learned that the hard way. he will spend his entire paycheck in a day then come to me to 'BORROW" 10 dollars...xanax bars on the street are very expensive. at first i was ready to throw him outta here, i thought omg hes just a drug addict, he has no place to go.im glad he doesnt have a gf. anyway, he has been suffering from depression for about a year. he does not have those his and lows like some people have with bipolar, he is extremely moody and his highs are severe agitation,aggresion ive seen him almost turn blue with anger. his lows are depression, where he will go in his room in the dark for days at a time , we will hear him crying. a 200lb man (boy),weeping can break your heart into pieces. his moods change on a dime..not normal mood swings...so finally we all went to see his pdoc with him and we explained this all to him..the poor doc had no idea the kid had mood swings like that..he was just treating him for depression..he told us hes bipolar and put him on a mo0d disorder medication along with an antidepressant...so far hes been off drugs..he knows he cannot take medications like that with pills. he does drink sometimes ..we are working on that. but i know at this age and a social life drinking will not totally stop...we take 1 day at a time and pray alot...try talking him into seeing a pdoc with a specialty in addictions....good luck!
Different drugs have different reactions in people. I personally have never had xanax give me a rush or energy. I have an axiety problem. I have never abused them either the RX usually expires before they are gone. Just like ritalin makes children calm and gives adults energy. I know some people who take sleeping pills and they make them wired while they put me to sleep. I think everyone's reaction to drugs are different. Like vicoden gives me energy and makes my dad sleepy. I dont know these are just my opinions. Just like with bipolar people go by the "classic" example of highs and lows. Manic and non manic. While my friend is bipolar and never really has high or lows just non depression and depression. At times he can function and other times he is too depressed to get out of bed. Its gotta be hard to live like that. Flintrock I'm glad you have finally let your son go out and make his own mistakes. Your right you cannot change him only he can do that. I also think Dr's are to quick to jump on the he's bi polar or depression. I personally think there has to be most testing done by a psychiatrist or by someone who is trained in that field. I would go to my Dr for heartburn and leave with zoloft for what I'm not depressed its just so easy to give out drugs or the cure. I think counseling and other things should be done too. Just all my opinions. We all have to do what we think is right and we have to learn from our own mistakes just like addicts do. Just like I had to. Good luck with your children. Kim