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I have the same thing, but I have tested my blood glucose level. I tested my glucose for a couple weeks and found that it was always within the healthy range, but I definitely have more anxiety when I have an empty stomach. I get a sick stomach and sometimes it gets so bad that it actually becomes hard to eat. Anyway, I think it is anxiety because a little Xanax and the stomach problem disappears. I also have issues with stuff that is hot or greasy or rough on the stomach. I live in the South West where 90% of the food is hot, so I have stomach aches just from eating here a lot of times. Anyway, do you guys get sick to your stomach as well from lack of food? Does hot or spicy food affect you?
Yea, I think our anxiety just makes us hyper sensitive to any little physical disturbance. What used to be just your normal hunger pains now turns into a big deal for us becuase we obsess about it so much. Xanax had really helped with the stomach problems though I have to admit. I think it is actually relaxing me so the stomach pains can be realized for what they are which is a simple hunger pain which everyone gets. That is why we eat. LOL. Anyway, I try to eat as many times as I can throughout the day and work out so I don;t get overweight.