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OK, I know I'm probably not supposed to starting a new thread. I am just beside myself with the 5-6 run o fPVC's I had called in to the tech that was on my 30 day event monitor. I have been on this computer ALL DAY! I have read to many times today how it is a LIFE THREATENING condition etc. I am toooo depressed. Just wanted to know from ANY of you ..how many of you have ever been diag. with having had a run of these ? What did the Dr. tell you? The last time I wore the "Holter Monitor " for 48 hrs. I had some,. but eledtrophisiologist said.. monomorphic in nanture, and non sustained, and hr barely over 100 bpm. I'm very sick with worry, and took a Xanax a bit ago. Heck I'd eat dirt if it would help!! I just cannot believe I'm in this 'MINORITY' that says it happens to 2 out of every 10,000 people. I supposedly have never had ishmia (sp) heart attack, notta.. say heart is structually great... but everything I've read says usually V-tach is from heart disease.... Thanks to all who respond. i am siitting here waiting on responces.. pathetic huh???