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Hello, I am a new HealthBoards reader and I have a question. I will appreciate anyone that will answer. Over 3 months ago my B/P started to go up from 130/80 to 170/80. My Dr. tried Cozaar, did not work, tried Hyzaar, worked for a few days and again the numbers raised up. I had cardiogram and heart cath, my arteries are not clogged and there they saw a slight MVP. The Dr. decided to put me on Toprol XL 50 mg. 1 time a day. to slow down a little the heart and she was sure that it will help with the B/P. She also prescribed .25 mg of Xanax to cut it in half, when I feel stressed. Well I am taking Toprol XL for 16 days and my B/P is up to 180/85 lately. I also take 1 Niacin for cholesterol a day.
Why no medicine helps my B/P. It starts to worry me a lot now it is almost 3 monts, and that does not make it any better. Is any one had this kind of experience? I will appreciate any suggestions.