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Hello LadyB,

I take Xanax (0.5 mg) once before breakfast, lunch and dinner. My GE specialist had prescribed Librax previously which is a antispasmodic/anti-anxiety combo med, but it was 50/50 at best after meals and it had to be taken 30 minutes before a meal (which can be a challenge).

Whether or not your PCP will prescribe Xanax for this type of use is another question. I am actually prescribed Xanax by a psychiatrist specifically for anxiety (as needed - up to 3x/d). I just coincidentally stumbled upon it working on my post GB surgery digestive problems. I think it works so well b/c it passes into the system so quickly which makes the whole "timing" thing a lot easier to manage.

I will say it has made a world of difference for me. I do not get groggy from Xanax like I did from Librax and I take a limited enough dose ongoing to not "feel high". I just don't panic after eating.

Do you feel "anxious" all the time, just before meals, etc.? Or, have you been prescribed an anti-nausea medication like Phenergan before? Hopefully this nausea you're battling is short-term and you're back to being yourself very soon. I wish you the best!

Take care.
I was going to talk to my primary doctor about Xanax. The surgeon gave me a prescription for phenerghan (sp?) but it has not helped any for the nausea.

I take Ambien (sleep medication) every single night, and I have noticed when I take a small piece of Ambien during the day or when I feel sick, nauseous, or anxious during the day, it always seems to help. I've been taking Ambien for about 6 years every night.

But I can't keep taking Ambien around the clock, so that led me to start thinking about some kind of anti-anxiety medication to try. Not sure what my primary doctor will do at this point. Appt is tomorrow. I'm just tired of being sick and tired. I do believe a lot of it is anxiety at this point. And the more anxious I get the sicker I seem to get.
Hello again LB,

Don't mind any questions.

I did not have any significant nausea after about 6 hours post-surgery and that was really b/c they pumped me full of narcotics. I did continue to have abdominal pain and my surgeon did try to explain it off as nothing to be worried about so I know how you feel. That was 2 years ago ... pain is still here.

If you feel there is something wrong, then there's something wrong. I'm tired of hearing otherwise from doctors.

Back to your question, my issues have always been pain (source still unknown) and post-cholesystectomy digestion. The Xanax has helped with the latter but not the former. IMO, your trying an anti-anxiety medication wouldn't hurt if you feel perpetually anxious but it is habit forming. To test your theory you could try sitting in a nice dark room with music and try some deep breathing. If that eases your nausea and you feel more "calm", you have a mini-test case for your doctor.

I also take Ambien at night and follow a strict bedtime routine. It helps calm my body and the Ambien shuts off my mind so I can sleep. Not sure why it helps you in small doses throughout the day but I personally would not recommend that strategy. I have had episodes of sleep walking and amnesia taking Ambien at night. Plus, I would suspect your tolerance will grow more quickly. Definitely do not take with an anti-anxiety unless directed.

Do you keep a journal that describes when your nausea is at its worst and at its best? That might be something good to share with your PCP. Do you have any particular triggers for some of your worst episodes? Lastly, has your doctor considered a post-op ultrasound or MRCP? I had both of these done within two weeks of my surgery b/c of the continued pain. They may spot something.

My thoughts. Best of luck!
Woke up yesterday with a green tongue, nausea and chest pain, same place as yours Lady. i was miserable most of the day, ended up taking a nexium twice yesterday, but didn't help much.

i seen the endrocronologist, he said my workup was fine, had no thyroid or adrenal gland problem. i was very thankful. now we are checking into something else, whether my salt intake sticks to something in my body, i don't know..... it was just a blood test though, nothing too hard it you don't count the girl who didn't know how to draw blood. i walked out of there with bandages on both arms.:dizzy: have to see him again in 2 weeks. if this test shows up negative, ithink he might agree with me that my problem is side effects of cardizem. he already told me it very well be. this might be causing the nausea, fatigue ect. whateva...

woke up today, after not taking cardizem last night, feeling much better. went to see the surgeon for follow up. post op 1 week.

he said everthing is looking great. said my gb was thickened from past attacks, was inflamed and also i did have 4 verysmall stones which were still clear colored which is why they did not show up in other tests. asked him about the green tongue, he said,there's somthing going around. ha ha
:eek: i kind of think it might have something to do with my dear departed gall bladder, don't you? oh well, my throat feels a bit burny now, but i know it will take a few weeks/months for my body to be normal again. i pray for patience each morning............:angel: an angel i'm not.

Hopefully some of these problems if not all will go away since surgery. i am feeling pretty good today, still a little queasy, but not like yesterday. soreness is getting better.

i too have xanax Lady, i don't take them on regular basis, usually use them if i my bp spikes, it helps. i don't want to get hooked on them so i take them sparingly, half a pill at a time. they do help me though, so i hope they can help you too.

God Bless.........stars
STARS. This is just the pits, isn't it? I'm so tired of feeling bad. I had a better day yesterday though. And I've been able to slack off some of the nausea medication. BUT -- I went and saw my primary physician today. He did prescribe Klonepen (sp?) similar to Xanax, so I really hope it helps me get through these issues. I think my anxiety level is just at an all time high, and that's causing a lot of my problems now. Because probably just like you, I've been sick for so long, and gone through so many tests, that when I had my gallbladder removed, I thought it was going to end my problems, so that has been another anxiety for me. But I think I'm getting better day by day -- at least I'm not on nausea medication around the clock. I still have these pinching sensations in the upper left chest area, but I'm hoping the anxiety medication will help that. I've been through all the heart tests, and everything else too.

Thanks for the update. Stay in touch.
Yep, lady, yesterday was a good day for me also and so far so is today. I'm still not full of energy like some are blessed with, but i'm doing alright.

i'm a bit bored with my diet, seems like i eat the same thing everyday, salads and chicken soup, rice crispies, yogurt. i have sparingly tried a few other things but i'm afraid to try too much. i haven't had diarrhea yet but i'm more afraid of getting nausaus again.

what does your diet consist of? anything good yet? wonder when we can have a plate of spaghetti and meatballs? can't wait.

i'm glad you're feeling better and the klonipen is helping. who know's it might help with the chest pain. maybe it's from anxiety. anxiety can cause alot of havoc we don't realize. i don't know about you, but at 55 i went through menopause. i thought because i was so much older then all my friends that it wouldn't bother me too bad. stupid assumption. i too have gone through alot of things in this past 5 yrs which i'm sure i would have handled better pre menopause, but this is life. xanax has helped me through much so i am grateful for that. and i truly think i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

i am feeling much better as i said and hope to join my dh in going to the gym starting in april. i hope, i hope, i hope.

keep in touch..............stars