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Try to relax--I know that's hard with the skipping and racing. I've been there.
Since you're seeing a Cardiologist soon, I won't say see a doctor. Just be clear in your description of your symptoms and also mention the obvious 'stress' you're under. Having a wife or husband who isn't sympathetic doesn't help. Perhaps he thinks if he doesn't make too much of it, you'll calm down. Try deep breathing and 'straining really hard' like you're going to have a bowel movement--I know--that's not the best subject, but it's advised by doctors too. This can break the cycle of rapid and skipped beats. I also take a half of a Xanax (its' a 5 mg. and I take half) and after about 10 mins. I relax and the symptoms go away. Not always. If you get a 'clean bill of health' except for the PVC's, you'll have to do as I was told, try to ignore them. A cardiologist told me, I won't die from them. I was put on meds to help and they have helped. Also, have your potassium level checked. That could be too high or low, and that affects your heart rhythm too. Good luck.
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