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Hi, I am a 25yo male who is desperatly looking for some advice or opinions in regards to what I am going through. I suffer from very bad tremors in my face, neck, arms, hands, and legs. I also suffer from OCD and anxiety disorder. The tremors which I first noticed about 7 years ago, during a hair cut, have gotten worse and over the years, and have caused me to develop a fear of any social situation, so I avoid them. I have had OCD for many years but it has gotten worse over the past year or so. The only way the tremors can be controlled is with Xanax or alchol but I make it a point not to use either unless it is my only option (In other words I do not abuse these substances for every day problems, only when absoloutly necessary). I self-diagnosed myself years ago as having social anxiety disorder, and my GP agreed. I have tried numerous anti-depressants over the years, but only Xanax and alcohol (not combined) have worked in controlling my tremor and anxiety (but not OCD). When I'm not shakey, I can do almost anything, and the OCD is much more controlable. Recently I read an article about hyperthyroidism because I also have gynecomastia (man boobs but I'm not fat) a common symptom of H-thyroidism, as is tremors and extreme sweating which I also have. Could this be my problem? I don't know much about hyperthyroidism, other than what's on the net. My OCD is not too bad when life is going well and I realize that my obssesive thoughts are just unfiltered nonsense, but now it just seems to be escalating and I cannot block off the irrational thoughts accompanied by the OCD. It is so hard for me to go to a job interview, or perform any other simple interactions because of the tremor and possibly the OCD. I have worked in the past when my OCD symptoms were as if I never had them, though my tremor was much less evident at the time and I was in a relationship. I have forfeited a few relationships since and many opportunities in life as well as those with women have been lost because of my problems. THis has caused me to feel very lonely, loss of self esteem, and really depressed. Can anyone out there give me some helpful advice as to what I should do? Anything would be much appreciated as I have become quite overwhelmed and have almost lost hope. If I could only stop that shakey feeling I have lived with for years, my problems would likley go away and my ocd would be tolerable. Like I said, when I don't shake I can function normally. COuld it be that there is something wrong with me physically and not mentally? I'm not sure if this is relevant but I am well aware of all of the basic cognitive techniques used to treat anxiety and OCD as I have taken many psych courses and read a few books on the subject as well. None have worked so far, because I think that my physical symptoms led to the anxiety and not the other way aroung. Some days I feel like I could give a speech to the world, others I can't even go over to a life long friends house. Please help! Sorry for the bad grammer, and thanks in advance