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Sounds like anxiety dissorder with a dash of Pure OCD and General Anxiety Dissorder. All anxiety dissorders behave differently for every person, so naming it seems kind of pointless. The problem is, you have obsessive thoughts, and some compulsions (though limited), and anxiety a lot of the time. You have noticed that Vicodin helps. Do NOT take any more. That is a long slippery slope you don't want to trip down. Also, avoid that alcohol. It actually helps the anxiety while you are drunk, but you pay for it three fold the next day. I have similar issues as yourself. I also tried Paxil and many other antidepressants which didn't help me at all, in fact they increased my thoughts and thus my anxiety. I made it for years without drugs like yourself until about 6 months ago when all kinds of stressors all came to a head at the same time. I got married, had my first child, work was stressful, going to school for my masters degree, etc. You get the point. Anyway, I went to specialist in anxiety dissorders and he told me that anxiety dissorders are a life long battle that can not be won, but you can make your life comfortable and increase your quality of life dramatically. He prescribed me Xanax and that has helped a LOT! It relaxes the central nervous system and helps to relieve all that anxiety that builds up. This allows you to focus more clearly on the intrusive thoughts and how to rid yourself of them or at least teach yourself to exist in harmony with them. I practice meditation to curb my thoughts and that has helped quite a bit. Cognitive behavioral therapy or even a good talk therapist can really help. You have to find someone good though. You need to be challenged, so be very selective on who you choose. This also goes for doctors if you decide to go the medication route. Make sure you trust and look up to your doctor. You want someone who is smarter than you taking care of your health, so don't settle for anything less. I just want you to know that many people on this board as well as the anxiety board suffer from the exact symptoms you have, so you are in good company. If there is anything you need an answer too or just reassurance, then this is a good place to do it. I hope this lifts your spirits a bit. It sucks to have an anxiety dissorder, but many truly famous people have dealt with anxiety dissorders to live very important and fruitful lives. Look it up on line and you will be surprised at all the names.

Good luck and welcome,