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The tension headaches are anxiety, so you shouldn't feel guilty taking the medicine your doctor gave you. You aren't taking more than your docor prescribed are you? If you aren't, then don't worry about it. If you are, talk to your doctor and explain what is going on and let him decide whether you need to take more or not. Anyway, I manifest my anxiety in my stomach. I get gut wrenching stomach aches that just don't go away and there is nothing physical to explain them other than my nerves. I often take Xanax when I feel the onset of this stomach ache coming, but i never exceed the doctors dosage in a day.

It may be possible that your doctor needs to prescribe more, but he should make that decision.

I hope that helps. I take 2 mg of Xanax a day and my doctor prescribed 3 mg per day. Sometimes I will take 2.5, but not lately. I think Ativan is 2 times the mg is equivalent to Xanax, so 2 mg of Xanax would be compared to 4 mg of Ativan. You are on a really low dose. I think your doctor can definitely up your dosage on that without too much concern.

Talk to your doc,