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[QUOTE=shesson;2756510]Good to know there are others out there! I have developed anxiety also. My Dr tried to tell me that's what was causing all this, but the symptoms came way before the anxiety. I have had plenty of doctors tell me the same thing, but like I said, my two therapists disagreed. I take xanax just to deal with all of this, but it doesn't help my symptoms.

[QUOTE=shesson;2756510]I just feel like they think you can't have quality care because you don't have insurance. I know this is stereotyping, but I really did not have a problem getting a Dr to believe me until I lost my insurance. I'm sure you have some more issues without insurance, but I do have insurance and my docs don't believe me either. They all just think I'm nuts. :mad:

You are definitely not alone, though! I'm just sorry you have to go through this too!