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I am a chorus teacher and have no problems whatsoever getting in front of an audience of 100's to direct my groups. Yet....I just started going to a new church w/my husband & sons and I can hardly stand to walk in the door. I am so afraid of meeting new people....I just want to get to my pew as quickly as possible and sit. My husband likes to stand in the lobby and meet new people. My legs get restless during the drive to church. Once there, it takes me 10 minutes to settle my legs down. After church, I want to leave as soon as possible. I am ok if someone comes up to me for conversation. I cannot stand being in crowds or people constantly bumping me and coming "into my space". When I finish conducting a rehearsal, I immediately go to my office to get away from my crowd of students (average 90-115 in each group).
Is this social anxiety disorder???
How can I be 2 people....."ok" in my element; and a "basket case" in front of people I don't know. I never knew I was this bad off until we began attending this new church. Wow....what an eye opening experience.
I am currently taking Wellbutrin XL for depression and just began taking Xanax prior to "anxiety-ridden" situations.
I feel like 2 people!
Yes, I do have a therapist and have been seeing one for well over a year now. I never really knew how serious my anxiety was until we began attending this new church. It is difficult to go inside, having to meet new people....wondering what they will think of me, etc. I want to get to my pew without anyone noticing me.....and I want to stay there.

How does one treat anxiety, social anxiety & obsessive compulsive disorder? I take Wellbutrin and do have Xanax, Buspar & Klonopin on hand (afraid to try any of them).

Something has to give here, because I don't want to keep looking foolish in situations that cause the anxiety.
All four of those drugs have the least side effects of their class. Wellbutrin is so benign that it is used to cure people of a smoking habit, but I found it useless for anxiety in fact it made things a little worse in the short term and takes up to 6 weeks to actually show some sort of relief and if it doesn't work it takes the same amount of time to find that out. Xanax and Klonopin are both Benzo's and they work essentially the same but Klonopin is a much longer lasting version of Xanax. However many say the Xanax works better because it takes effect within 15 minutes so it can be used right before church and it would help you. The klonopin is a half day drug that would probbaly be taken once or twice daily, but does sometimes cause depression. The Buspar is a weak antianxiety medication that works simlar to an SSRI, but actually was designed for anxiety as opposed to depression. From experience as well as reading it really is a pretty weak antianxiety drug. I would avoid the SSRI's if possible and try to just take one dose of Xanax before church on Sunday. I think it will relax you enough to get through the service. I really think you should talk with a Psychiatrist about your issues. It sounds like you do have a little social anxiety, but it doesn't sound like the end of the world for you, so it may be as simple as exposure therapy with the help of Xanax in the short term and you may have no problems.

Do you have anxiety problems outside of church? If so, then you should definitely get some professional advice.

No worries though, you always have lots of people here to mine for info from, so don't hesitate to ask questions.

Above all, DON'T stop going to church. You should absolutely never allow anxiety to make a decision for you. Sometimes it is really hard, I know, but as soon as you decide it is better to not go to church your anxiety will spark up in other areas of your life and it can escalate from there. Keep doing what you always do and face it every week if you have to. You do have a pwerful weapon in Xanax in your pocket, so if you need it, take it. That is all I take and it works wonders for me.

Good luck,
Wow, OE....what a wealth of info you shared with me! Thank you, and thank you to LampAway for responding.
Yes, anxiety & social anxiety does occur in other areas of my life. When I go to concerts I leave before the last song, in order to get outside and away from the crowd. When I go to a movie theater, I always tell my husband I will meet him outside when the movie is done. I make a "bee-line" right to the doors before the crowd. I can't stand people "in my space" (my students know this well and always get out of the way after rehearsals....knowing I need to head to my office!).

I cannot sit still for very long, as my legs start moving; my feet tap and I get restless. I knew I had this issue, but was affirmed of it yesterday when I sat in the hosp. waiting room with my father while my mother had minor surgery. My knees were bouncing and my feet were tapping. My father asked if I have always done this (I didn't even realize I was doing it!). I had to walk the hospital stairs many times to relieve the restlesness.

I did see a psychiatrist this past summer for my depression; hoping she would put me on the correct meds. It was the worst experience of my life and she was the rudest healthcare professional I have ever been to. She tried ONE med with me......Cymbalta (obviously, her 'standard' choice). I am sensitive to meds and when I told her it wasn't working.....THAT WAS IT! The honest truth.....she gave up and would not try another. Needless to say, I was devastated and will remember that moment as being the lowest day in my life. That experience has "tainted" me and I'm afraid to even attempt to find another psychiatrist.

I think that I will try taking a Xanax before church. How long before church should I take it? Will it take minutes, or hours to take effect? I tried one last week and I was still crawling out of my skin in the pew....legs were jumping and I could not sit still. Perhaps the dosage is too low (.25); or perhaps the fact that it is a generic brand? My gyn prescribed it quite some time ago (for anxiety), but I never used it then. Prescription says to take one every 8 hours as needed for anxiety.

I will not stop going to church, as I will not let this get the best of me. I just want to enjoy going to church and I want to get something out of it.

My thanks for your advice and for any more info you can share with me.
I would try the xanax before church. That should help. Do you think the anxiety could be from the wellbutrin?
I will try a Xanax before church. As for the Wellbutrin causing the anxiety.....I've always had anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies. Perhaps the Wellbutrin may be adding to this. I don't know anymore. I'm ready to throw in the towel with the medications. The list of meds I've tried is ridiculous. I'm sure my hormonal imbalance due to the hyst. is not helping matters any :(
I wouldn't think it would totally be the wb, since you are only anxious in that one situation. I would think if it was causing your anxiety to be worse, you would have anxiety teaching/directing also. I remember when you tried cymbalta...I was starting it at the same time too. If I remember correctly, it caused a lot of anxiety for you? I want to try wb myself, and I actually talked my dr. into prescribing it for me. He won't go over 150mg. I think if you've been taking it 5 weeks, then you would know if the anxiety from it was unbearable. Sound situational to me, and xanax should definately help that!
What mg wb are you taking and has it caused any irritability?
Well, I took a Xanax before church today and it was like I took nothing at all. I was so incredibly restless.....like a "pent-up" animal!! I'm guessing that my switch back to the brand name Wellbutrin (from the generic) may be part of the issue. I do like Wellbutrin, as it does give me the energy I need in my workweek. I am able to expend this energy in the classroom. When at church, I am afraid of meeting new people and i just want to get "in and out". I do hate crowds (always have).

I did try Zoloft last year and had to stop it because of the side effects. I've tried Cymbalta, Lexapro, Buspar, Wellbutrin, Xanax, Klonopin...and the list goes on!

I have always been high-strung with anxiety and tenseness. I just need something that will "tone me down" when I know that an anxiety-ridden situation is at hand. Perhaps my dosage of Xanax is not high enough (.25mg); or, perhaps is the generic form that is not working for me.

Who knows.
What was the dose of the Xanax you took today?
The dose of my generic Xanax is .25 (bottle says to take 1 pill every 8 hours as needed). Hardly seems like it is even touching me.