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I hate feeling like nothing makes me happy or excited, or that I am living in a dream world. It is so hard to go on like this with my kids watching, I want to be happy for them, truly happy!
Has anyone had a good experience with meds that halp with this problem?
ANy advice is appreciated. I take Paxil and Xanax/Klonopin now.
Hi Brooke thank you for the reply. Do you suffer from depression as well? Lately I think my depression is overtaking my anxiety. It's so hard to deal with it. I too just keep increasing meds dosage and it freeks me out. I'm up to 2mg a day of Xanax which I hate because it makes me dizzy when it wears off. I have tried Lexapro in the past and just tried Effexor but got bad headaches. Maybe I'll give Lexapro another shot..... The Paxil is just not cutting it for me and I want off of it rather then increasing it.
The withdrawls are terrible.
I just hate feeling so emotionless (well unless I'm crying), just never happy.