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I did the same thing-was on 10mg for about 2 yrs, got off, was ok for about 6 months, and boy did the anxiety and panic attacks come back with a vengence. I went back on and the 10mg worked for about 4 weeks, and now feels like it is quiting. I am going back to Neuro tomorrow b/c I am going to see if he's gonna up me to 20mg or if he wants me just to use Xanax as needed. I can deal with the anxiety bouts by themselves and the physical symptoms by themselves but I cant handle both together.
wow i get migraines too, but i am only taking aleve for them right now. Neuro tried to give me a scrip for one drug and it had caffiene in it and havent had caffiene since i first started suffering from attacks.

And, yea, iI was working and going to school full time, bought a house, planned my wedding, and flew (which i am terrifed to do) and had no problems. Then, once everything calmed down, it was like BOOM and everything started up again, worse than everything had ben the first time.

Went back to Neuro today since Lex felt like it was quitting, but he doesnt want to up dosage, so instead of taking my xanax as needed, he wants me to take daily and then I have to go back in 3 weeks.

Looking back now, don't ya wish you never stopped the lex? Its weird though cuz you feel so good for so long. I mean I had like absolutely no anxiety. It sucks...
well today is the third day on the xanax 2x a day, and I feel great. The physical symptoms are still lingering, but are nowhere near as bad as they were. I was able to go to class tonight and I didnt space out or anything like I have been. So, all in all, if this keeps working the way it did today, I will be a VERY happy camper. I still need to get back on a normal sleep schedule. Hopefully that will follow suit. Keep your fingers crossed that this works for me!!!